A life transformed by the love of just one person

Welcome to my Website

“Have you ever thought about the two or three moments that occurred in your life that made you who you are?  Moments that changed the course of your life forever?

The unexpected occurs sometimes over which we have no control. Some are accelerating  happy events, some not so much, some perhaps even devastating.

When I least expected it, I experienced those moments.

This is my story. I have written it to encourage you for when those startling moments, the unforeseen occurs.   My life from the very beginning was totally unpredictable. Over time, I became a happy, successful adult. How could that happen?

Is it possible that one life can be transformed by the love of just one person? Is it possible even if the receiver of that love is unaware of his or her need and can’t even put it into words?  Well, that transformation happened to me and I believe you and I can do the same for someone else…probably even someone close by in your life. That’s why I have written “That One Person” so that you can see how my story all came about and, hopefully, inspire you to be that one person to someone else. In a sense this website is really about you so that you can see the amazing influence that you can have on another life right where you are. As a writer, performer, media personality, inspirational speaker and  former  teacher, my path has led far from being declared hopeless, to a fulfilling and even inspiring journey .  Welcome! And be assured that all things are possible.”

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