Scaffolding Safety

Our approach is to give safe access stages at an exceptionally focused cost. We are continually ready to consider and go up against tantamount statements.


Fast and reliable

We specialise in dealing directly with trade suppliers, developers, builders, rail industry, etc. We additionally work straightforwardly for private customers and DIY or home projects.


Industry Professionals

Our pro scaffolders and experienced staff specialise in small to large scale scaffolding projects. The projects range from small domestic projects to mid-size or large commercial projects.

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Public liability Insurance

All your scaffolding needs

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Rubbish chutes

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Safety netting

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Chimney scaffold

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Restricted access scaffolding

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Temporary Roof

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SpecialtyScaffold? We’re a company up to the challenge!

At Astar London Scaffolding we pride ourselves to provide secure safe and flexible scaffolding services. Our staff is always ready to entertain any kind of job. Either you need to get to the rooftop or clean the chimney we are here to help you.

All our scaffolders are trained by professionals and have all the relevant certifications and health and safety qualifications to deliver any size or type of scaffolding services which you require.

Quality Service.

Fast and reliable scaffolding to your site. We offer secure and safe scaffolding services for your all residential or commercial scaffolding needs.

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24/7 Service to everyone

We offer residential, industrial and commercial sites. We are 24/7 available.

Moving Around the city

We cover hall Great London and its suburb areas All around M25 and sample.

Your local Service provider

Family owned and operated business model, we perform all levels of scaffolding solutions from planing to operations.

Quality Scaffolding Guaranteed