Denise Singerline Foster

 Usui/Karuna Reiki Master – Chakra-Balancing Healer

 Being born with many “Gifts of Spirit” 1 Corinthians 12:7-12:10” as a child, I always knew what my Father was thinking and feeling. Ghostly Spirits visited me nightly, standing at the edge of my bed, as I was beginning to Astral Travel out of my body. I found this was due to an energy vortex in our home, I would sometimes see Divine Beings and other times Evil Entities. So when I felt a Spirit, before I opened my eyes, I taught myself to feel the vibrations between good and evil. If it was good, I would ask what message it had for me. If it was evil, being raised Catholic, I would send it away by praying for Jesus and Mother Mary to come help me. (which always worked.)

Later I realized that wherever I went, I saw ghosts. Years later after watching a TV show called “A Haunting” I realized I was a Medium. It was difficult as a child, having these abilities and not having anyone to explain to me what was happening. I was alone and kept it to myself.

I went to a Psychic Fair when I was 17, where I met my 1st Spiritual Teacher. I looked at the photos of the Psychics on the board and chose Nancy Weber Fuchs who was former nurse turned  “Psychic Detective” finding missing persons for the police.  I looked across the room and saw her with another client. I called her name in my head, and she turned around and looked at me. As soon as it was my turn, and I sat down across the table from her she said to me “You have very strong psychic powers and you are afraid of them. I could teach you how to use them to Heal others and to help them in their lives.” I started crying, finally realizing that I was not alone. I began taking Psychic Development classes with Nancy. Later on I met my 2nd Spiritual Teacher Jessica Woodcock that introduced me to my first Ashram to meet Guru Mayi of the Siddah Yoga Lineage.

In my mid thirty’s I moved from N.J. to Az. I found a Spiritual Church called “The Church of Tamara” which I attended 3 days a week for 7 years. Here I learned how to give both tarot and psychic readings. After many years of being a student, I became a teacher as well as an ordained Minister.

After taking my first Reiki 1 class in Tucson, I finally understood my Spiritual gifts. I now use them in my Healing work and to help to create other Healers in this world. Over a 7 year period, I led a Reiki Circle as well as a Universal Energy Circle. Here, I would lead a guided meditation, conduct hands on Healing and finish with a world Healing meditation.

After learning and combining various Healing methods, I created “Chakra Balancing.” This work balances my clients on all levels, spiritually, emotionally, physically and mentally. As I work in a client’s aura, I pick up 10 or 12 pieces of information, such as psychical needs, blocked energy, stuck emotions, unresolved issues, or detrimental cords which need to be removed. Afterward, there is a consultation to review the information which I received.

In my

After moving to Atlanta GA, in addition to my Healing work, I now teach a “Psychic & Intuitive Development “class to aid others on their journey and to develop their gifts. I’m also a Sound Healer, playing my Crystal Singing Bowls both during class and in my Healing work. Personal Readings are my forte, which I conduct in person or over the phone.

I found on my lives journey, then when you trust in the Divine energy, that subtle voice, it grows stronger and you will find you are being led. You can use you gifts to guide you as a compass, instead of being led blindly through life. As my current teachers, Ammachi the Hugging Saint and Karunamayi taught me, selfless service is the way back to God.

You can find out more about Denise’s life and work in Gail Kushner’s book, My Psychic Search: “Discovering what Psychics do, what Psychics know, and how they can help us improve our lives.” Find out more at www.MyPsychicSearch.com