Integral Approach

The strength of an integral approach can best be captured in the following; According to the Integral Institute, Inc., Integral means comprehensive, inclusive, balanced and embracing. When it comes to human beings, integral means maps, models, and practices that include the full spectrum of human potentials, often summarized as “exercising body, mind, and spirit in self, culture, and nature.”

Although there have been many integral models offered over the years, the most comprehensive and up-to-date is often referred to as AQAL, short for “all quadrants, all levels, all lines, all states, all types or simply ISO, Integral Operating System, developed by Ken Wilber and his associates at the Integral Institute.

An integral approach allows you to see things from many different aspects and perspectives. It is a process that is a more inclusive way of designing, creating, balancing and aligning ventures or ideas or projects by considering more elements in each structure that affect results for people involved.

If used as a principle of design, an integral approach offers a means of taking into account all relevant factors in an attempt to be comprehensive, balanced and inclusive in results desired. With people this means looking inside a person at their mindsets, values and cultures, and outside at their skills, behaviors and attitudes, as well as to the wider organizational and social systems surrounding them.

So, why is this important? We have very serious issues facing the people and the countries in the world. Many of the solutions that are proposed and enacted are done with an agenda for the benefit of a few, without consideration of the consequences to the many that do not directly benefit. These consequences can be devastating to people when all aspects are not considered. When used domestically or globally, whether in business, government or religion, a more inclusive approach, an Integral Approach, is a way of creating and designing positive solutions for the benefit of the greatest number of people.

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