From A Different Perspective

When I was in the 9th grade, I took a course in Mechanical Drawing. The final in the course was to complete a drawing of an object with only some of the views provided and knowing that there were hidden lines not visible and there were three solutions to the problem. I got my final back with a D because mine was not one of the three solutions. I was convinced my solution was correct and went back and proved it to the teacher which made four solutions to the problem.

The point to the story is that we all may look at the same thing, but we do not always see it the same way. There may be some missing elements and we are all different. We each have different skills, aptitudes, intelligence and passions. We all have different sets of life situations from childhood, from training, from education to life changing events in each of our lives. The combination of these things and other contributing factors in each of our lives make us who we are and contribute to how we process things and where our perspectives come from.

Looking at things from different directions can give us different perspectives. Seeing things from different directions often times allows us to see elements or factors that were not visible from where we were looking from previously. This can bring a more balanced, informed and more inclusive perspective. We all bring a certain perspective to everything we do. Changing our vision, the direction we are looking from, can give us a different and often times better perspective and subsequently better results by including more elements that our original perspective couldn’t see.

The purpose of this blog is to expand our vision, to be able to see things clearer from different perspectives. By adding new ideas and new concepts to what we are already doing, we can begin to focus a vision of what is possible.

If you look at the world and the issues and the problems that are affecting each of us in the US and the people world wide, maybe it is time to look at things from some different directions, different perspectives. The results from the current perspectives are what we are experiencing right now in the world. Economic turmoil, wars, terrorism, racism, inequality, hunger, homelessness, sickness, disease, oppression, greed and corruption, are some of the results from our current perspectives. If we really want to change things, it’s time to change some of our perspectives. This will give us a much clearer vision of where we need to go and what it will take to get there.

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