All Natural Ingredients

Dr. Chia
Psoriasis Gel

Help reduce the
inflammation, redness,
itching, and scaling of Psoriasis.

All Herbal Ingredients

Dr. Chia
Rosacea Gel

help reduce the
inflammation, redness,
bumps and swelling of Rosacea

About Dr Chia Herbal Pro

Dr. Chia and her team take great pride in their innovative approach to medicine and healing. Their revolutionary approach not only ensures better results, but it also challenges conventions and moves the boundaries of what current medicine perceives as “possible”. Dr. CHIA and her team have several decades of experience in medicine. They have provided personal healthcare services to individuals around the world.

Clinical Herbal Formula

Dr. Chia Pain
Oil & Wax

Is an effective
relief of muscle, joint pain,
and discomfort.
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