Our Mission

Fast Law Publishing is a not-for-profit company whose mission is to provide low cost legal information in printed and electronic media.

  • Fast Law makes books, articles, and pamphlets on a variety of legal and public interest subjects. We trust that our information will be meaningful to professionals, students, citizens and numerous action groups. However, Our primary focus remains to serve disadvantaged citizens by providing low cost access to legal information.
  • Fast Law also provides a platform to advocate for Legislative change to the criminal justice system. To this end, Fast Law is supporting rational and cost effective laws to reform current sentencing practices and the State Department of Corrections.

Our Books

Winning Habeas Corpus and Post Conviction Relief

Book on Habeas Corpus. our 7th Edition, is one of the most popular books on Habeas Corpus and ineffective assistance of counsel available in America.

This Book gives incarcerated men and women a real jump start on finding and understanding legal principles to apply to a wide variety of factual circumstances.

Post conviction Relief for Washington State: the Personal Restraint Petition

This book addresses post conviction procedures known as the Personal Restraint Petition (PRP) and examines challenges to one’s conviction after direct appeal.

This is the only book available on the subject, specifically written for judges, attorneys, and prisoners.

Qwik Cites

Finally, a reference book that covers legal subjects A to Z. “Qwik Legal Cites” begins with Access to the Courts and ends with Witnesses, i.e. very similar to an encyclopedia but with actual written opinions of the judge.. The book’s goal is to bring a basic understanding of each subject. Includes: Expanded cases for Civil rights litigation sec 1983, Due Process, Free Speech, Police misconduct, Habeas Corpus, Immigration, Parole, and Prisons, plus much more.

Price for prisoners $42.50 (non-prisoners $62.50 S & H included)
Format: Paperback, 8 ½ “ by 11” Approximate 325 pages.
Written and edited by Fred Stephens


Legislative Action and Advocacy for Rational Sentencing Laws

Fast Law, in association with other community support groups, has supported legislative action at the state level:  XSHB 5886 (redrafted by F.A. Stephens), seeks to reduce the costs to incarcerate elderly inmates, by reduction in their sentence when the inmates reach the age of 60 and has served at least 65% of his/her sentence. The prior bill, advocated by “Parole 4 US,” and Justice Works, advocates a parole system for men and women who are over the age of 55 years of age and served more than 10 years. Read More

NOTE: Fast Law Publishing Associates does not provide legal advice. Our focus is to educate and sponsor responsible community concern about the criminal justice system. Fast Law Publish Associates is an apolitical non-profit company.