• Are you in hiding, afraid that others will discover the truth about you?
  • Do you shrink back from walking through doors God has opened for you?
  • Have you allowed your past, the trials of life, or your personal fears to overpower what could be?

Come with me on a journey to find the path to freedom. God wants you to walk in freedom so you can become your authentic self, and experience life fully. God made that possible for me; He will do the same for you.




"We've been able to face the loss of our daughter because you showed us how you processed your grief."



"Many will relate to living in isolation rather than taking the risk of being their authentic selves. Gail reminds us that the One who matters most has always loved us, faults included. I have no doubt that Gail’s writings will inspire many to rise above the fear of rejection and live the life of freedom God intended."