Improved ROI

It doesn’t matter how grand your facility is or how stellar your staff. Without a firm framework of systems and financial grounding your spa won’t have the fuel to attract clients, retain loyal customers or reward the team that ultimately make up the essence of quality in your establishment.
Please take advantage of our expertise and request a thorough consultation. Improved ROI will fuel growth within your company and guarantee a beautiful future for enhancing your current business profile.


CREATE Your Brand

With a full service sister company, Minton boasts some top projects and success stories in the PR and Marketing realm. From soup to nuts, Minton can manage any sized account with a boutique styled intimacy with your brand. From launching new lines to promoting spa, fitness, wellness or beauty facilities, allow our team to craft a brilliant campaign at an affordable price.
Please take advantage of our expertise and request a thorough consultation. We quite literally can do it all so allow us to make your wish list a reality.


Metrics for SUCCESS

Allow Minton to create algorithms for your brand. Carefully crafted marketing, financials and operations systems intertwined with customized metrics make for a solid business structure that will successfully grow at a comfortable pace while maintaining residual sales. Let us build a map to structure when, where and how your brand will flourish.
Please take advantage of our expertise and request a thorough consultation. Every request is unique to its own requirements. We will work closely with your goals and team to make these goals come to fruition painlessly and expertly.

Why Minton

Trusted authorities in the spa, beauty, resort and wellness genres, Minton has been a boutique resource to those brands and development projects that need a creative approach with a consistent bottom line.

Over 30 Years of Experience

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Wellness Cover 1Wellness is a foundation stone of the spa industry. Of course, “wellness” is fluid and can be defined and executed in a variety of forms. We believe in applying cutting edge therapies and treatment options like anti-gravity exercise, apothecary styled herbalism, mind body assessment and, of course, green facilities with organic homecare products. Because wellness is such a rich category of care, we like to indulge our clients with a wide variety of programming options. Whether it be a resort application, day or stay spa alternative or well travel, we have had the pleasure of doing it all. Most of all we like to create novel approaches to the integration of a wellness lifestyle to the guest, patient or client.