As I said in the last post:  This year the Club is active – it is alive – it is fun.  I am featuring  Photo Club’s members who have done many many projects to make this Club the success that it is.

Our Club Leadership Team consists of Linda Somers, Susan Hubbard, Ed Swan, Donald Wyllie, Linda Lublin, Jim Dick, Jim Spain, Doug Jensen, and Nancy Presant.

The goal of these folks is to help us learn how to make better photos, help us share the photos that we take, help us have fun doing it, and since many functions in the community need photographs taken, we offer that service.

 For years, Nancy Presant has put in more effort then you may realize, organizing and promoting fun photo shoots trips.  At each Club meeting and via e-mails in-between, Nancy tells us of option in Central Florida for photo shoots.

She researches cost, days available, tells us what type pf photo opportunities are there and negotiates  schedules. Sometimes she arranges for special group tours for our club.  She even researches restaurants where our members can share a meal before or after the shoot.  AND, her positive happy attitude sure makes that part of our Photo Club meeting fun – if our meeting drones on a little – Nancy  stands up to talk about trip options the whole demeanor of the meeting changes to an alive fun meting.

Next time you see Nancy, tip your hat, shake her hand, and say loud and clear – THANK YOU for helping to make the Photo Club fun.  Thanks for all that very hard work.

Members sent me photos from Nancy’s “Lantern Photo Trip” – I will post four below and the rest on the Photo Club Page.


Click here to see a full set of Lantern Photos

As you swing thru life – Stop and thank those that do so much to make your community fun!