Elagant, flowing prose and poetry of the very highest order conveys the mystical journey of

a man to Oneness with God.

He is a mystical theologian, philosopher, spiritual guide, novelist, poet, and painter whose literary works and paintings examine the depths of both Mystical Experience and the Beatific Vision, the former of which he has ensouled since birth culminating in spiritual marriage with the Holy Trinity at the age of 29 when he became a lay Dominican at Saint Dominic’s Church in San Francisco, California in 1969, while the latter, the Beatific Vision, he experienced twice in transient possession of this greatest and most extraordinary of all spiritual gifts when he was 24 years old at Gonzaga Hall, Loyola University Chicago in 1964, the intellectual memory of which has inhabited his soul without diminishment ever since.

The Mystic

(Trinity Volume 1)

Mr. Trinité’s novel THE MYSTIC is the story of Aton who asks the eternal question, What is God and what is Soul? The answers he seeks leads him on a towering journey into Superconsciousness and to the discovery of the Oneness of God and Soul, the Divine and human, the Holy Grail of the entire human pursuit. Aton’s powerful and absorbing mystical states of consciousness, from the black night of the senses to the Beatific Vision of the Godhead, describe every aspect of the ascent of the Soul to God and constitute a fascinating primer of the whole subject of the Soul’s knowledge of God and itself. Trinité has succeeded in providing a mysticism for the 21st century and beyond that is a literary statement of the new human evolution in the appearance of the Superman.

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