KOJA Consulting thrives on working with teams who want to SOLVE PROBLEMS, INCREASE EFFICIENCY and SAVE MONEY as a result.

Perhaps your team does not have the capacity in-house? Perhaps everyone is already over utilised? Or perhaps there just isn’t the right skill set on staff to lead the project? We fill that gap for you.

We offer a flexible, part-time solution that works around your needs. We focus on the project and vary our schedule based on the demands and stages of your project.

Previous Special Projects include:

  • Procedure Manual Development
  • Office Move
  • Company Accreditation Process
  • Software Analysis, Selection and Implementation
  • Training Documentation + Workshops


If your team needs the support, we can help you identify the requirements and clearly define the project scope. This is the most important step of getting the right project done and getting the project done right!

We can then develop the schedule, set milestones, manage communication, monitor the budget, reporting requirements, mange risks, document ‘everything’ and ultimately get the job done.

CONTACT US to find out how we can lead and support your team to see the big picture and put all the pieces of the puzzle in the right place.