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Nature-ware provides alternatives and solutions to the plastic straw. Nature- ware supplies bamboo straws and wheat straws.

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Our Products

All of our products are Bio Degradable, Re Usable, Recyclable and should be Repurposed.

Bamboo drinking straws

Made from bamboo stalks, a sustainable source and utility of the bamboo plant. Bamboo drinking straws are categorised as Reusable, Biodegradable and Compostable plant by products. A great option to bringing your own drinking straw to the party and being unique.

Use a bamboo straw

Wheat drinking straws

Made from wheat stalks, a wheat grain harvesting by product. 100% Sustainable, Biodegradable and Compostable within a few calendar months. Increased use of wheat drinking straws forms part of a unique sustainable solution to global plastic pollution. Wheat straws are non-porous, meaning they will not get mushy or squishy and disintegrate in the drink, whilst drinking, like paper straws. Wheat straws are one use items; can be disposed of sustainably.

Use biodegradable straws

We love our Planet

We have one Earth


Bio degradable

We should use biodegradable materials and give the planet earth more time to heal. All our stock is Bio Degradable.

Be part of the change


Re Usable

We should reduce waste, reuse as many reusable materials as we can. All of our products are natural, durable and Re Usable.

Be part of the movement



100% natural and 100% compostable.

We should  use our composts to grow our produce.

 Be active, waste less


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