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The Ryan Clinic takes a unique approach to wellness because the primary belief behind it is about taking your health back into your own hands. By balancing the body naturally and creating a space for it to thrive, not only will your health improve but also your life can come back into a positive alignment. 

By using tried and tested techniques and methods as well as top of the line supplements, it is our belief that if you become a Nutritional Response Testing candidate, nothing else will help you more. I look forward to working with you.

                               Helen Ryan, Naturopath

Letting the body come back into balance with the help of nutritous foods.

One-on-one dedication to help you achieve your goals in fitness, health, and beyond.

Open workshops, free seminars, and group gatherings are held throughout the year.

Upcoming Events

Myths and Truths Behind High/Low Fat/Carb Diets.
Recognizing and Handling Causes of Stress Naturally
Starts May 4th, 2017


Nutritional response testing helps pinpoint exactly what the body needs.  

We'll test your fitness level using one of the most vital organs - the heart!

This simple and safe cleansing modality feels more like a spa treatment than a detox therapy. 

Nutritional support for athletes to improve performance. 

Cardio, yoga, high intensity, and aquatics. 

Become balanced, centered, and at ease with the challenges in your life. 

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