Government Contracts Consultants & Lawyers - Help to Get & Manage Fed Gov't Contracts

Solve Problems  – Avoid Costly Mistakes – Speak With A Gov’t Contracting Lawyer Or Consultant Today

SUMMARY of Services Provided: We at the Giancola Firm are Federal Government Contracts Consultants & Lawyers (Attorneys). We furnish Consulting and Legal Services to Federal Contractors & Subcontractors.

Our Objective is to Help Our Clients Solve Problems and Avoid Costly Mistakes.

Our overall Approach is to work with Federal Contractors & Subcontractors and their Government customers (DoD & Civilian Agencies) in a PROACTIVE and COOPERATIVE manner.

Why Us?

It is important to have competent advisors “on call” if you have significant involvement in the Federal contracting business. It is a multi-billion dollar per year business; the regulatory environment is complex and ever-changing. The principal players on the Government Customer side – the Contracting Officer, the Contract Specialist, and the COR/Project Officer – are trained to “go by the book” and can be a challenge to deal with even on the most “routine”  of government contract matters.

Please Note: This Firm’s business is focused exclusively on U.S. Federal Contracting Matters. This Firm is Attorney-Managed.

Consistent with above, we furnish the following types of Federal Contracting Support Services:

· Federal Proposal Writing (RFP Proposal Writers);

· Legal Advice (Lawyers);

· Gov’t Contracting Consultants- FAR/DFARS Compliance (Consultants & Lawyers); and

· Help to Get & Manage Government Contracts (Consultants & Lawyers).