The Mindware Planner has a 100% money back satisfaction guarantee


The planner designed for busy professionals


• Our careers are defined by what we call Mindware Moments:

  • • When you and your colleagues can’t agree on what was said during an important meeting and it’s stalling your progress. Now, using your Mindware planner, you’ll be able to find the meeting and what was said in seconds.
  • • When management is looking for someone to trust with an important project. Now, you will be the one they turn to because the Mindware planner will allow you to handle the most sensitive commitments with ease.
  • • When your colleagues begin wondering how you can do so much more than them without the stress. The Mindware planner will be your secret weapon that helps fast track your career. There are hundreds of these Mindware Moments in a given year. The Mindware Agenda was created to help you take advantage of these moments and set you apart from the crowd.

• The two-page daily planner allows you to move beyond what you thought you could accomplish.

• A systemized approach to recording and tracking data, appointments, projects, tasks and commitments.

• Manage hundreds of tasks simultaneously with ease without the needless stress.

• Included with the planner is a comprehensive eCourse that will give you all the tools you need to create a system that works for you.

• Look at the Mindware planner pages in detail and you will immediately know that it isn’t like any other time and task management system in the market.



Each page of the Mindware planner was designed to help you reach a higher productivity level.
Picture of the action Item Listing page inside the Mindware agenda planner


This page allows you to list and track events, projects, tasks and more. It also allows you to quickly find items that need your attention immediately and monitor those which can wait.

Picture of the category and keyword tracking page inside the Mindware agenda planner


This page allows you to place items into broader categories and identify keywords that run across many items. There’s no need to flip through endless pages trying to find something you know you wrote, you can use your category and keyword system to find everything with ease.

Picture of the daily commitments page inside the Mindware agenda planner


The daily commitments page is for recording meetings, events and daily tasks that need to progress forward. Your new planner has a full appointment schedule from 7am to midnight, allowing you to fit everything in.

Picture of the notes page inside the Mindware agenda planner


The notes page provides the needed space to document important information gathered during each day. On those days where you need more space, simply open up the rings and insert another note page to continue writing.

Picture of the frequent activity and habit tracking page inside the Mindware agenda planner


This page is designed to help you stick to your goals and form lasting habits. It can also be used for tracking frequent work activities such as discussions, inspections, reviews, meetings and more. As well as work activities, it can be used to track personal growth and development. For example, diet, smoking cessation, studies, projects, or simply reminding you to drop off and pick-up your dry cleaning.

Picture of the future meetings page inside the Mindware agenda planner


The future meetings page is designed to record future commitments, appointments or events. You’ll likely start with three to six months of pages at one time in your planner, so this page allows you to record meetings and events that go beyond these pages. You can then migrate the information when the future pages are placed in the planner. Never again will you miss an important event or meeting, no matter how far in the future it currently is.


1. Why are you the best choice of Planner?

There are three main reasons why we are the choice for you: First, the incredible value of purchasing the planner and the e-course together for one low price. Second we also offer a 100% money back guarantee should you not be fully satisfied with the planner and e-course. Lastly, we have the most improved task and time management system on the market,  Our competitors have not substantially updated their planners or systems for decades, whereas we are constantly innovating and improving our system.

2. Will your planner help me to become more productive?

The simple answer is yes, our system allows people to hone into their own definition of productivity, enabling them to prioritize their important tasks and commitments. This ensures  they are not side-tracked by life’s noise and distractions.

3. How can you help me achieve my goals?

Our signature e-course will take you through the processof to creatinge a clear path to  success and the accompanying planner will help you make it a reality.

4. Can you get me what I need quickly?

You can start the e-course immediately after your purchase so that by the time your Mindware agenda planner arrives you can start employing all you’ve learned. The agenda also has page inserts that begin from the purchase date, meaning you don’t have to wait until the beginning of the year to start using it. You will also receive a full year of page inserts regardless of when you order it, which is unique in the industry.

5. Do you offer the best service?

We pride ourselves on our customer service and do all we can to make sure you are completely happy with your purchase. Along with the e-course there are also virtual Q & A seminar sessions should anything be unclear. You will also receive six months free e-mail support from the purchase date for additional questions you may have.

6. Will your planner let me enjoy life more?

Yes because not only will you be more focused, and productive, but you will have much less stress and anxiety then before. This will allow you to appreciate life fully and be present without the constant worry of whether something important has been forgotten about.

7. Who uses your products?

Professionals, business owners, managers and people who are success oriented. Our users are ambitious and want to be organized and feel confident that all their tasks and commitments are being managed properly.

8. What’s it like to work with you?

We are committed to the satisfaction of our customers and to continuous improvement. Our 100% satisfaction guarantee is a reflection of our commitment to our product and most importantly to you.

9. What are your company values?

Our company values include providing the best service and experience possible to our customers. We are customer centric and will continue to listen to customer feedback to make our amazing system even better than it is today. We believe that our customers are representatives of our system and their faith in us is truly matched by our commitment to them.

10. What is the fine print on this deal?

You will have access to the course and its materials for six months should you want to refer to it at any time. As a Mindware member you will also receive e-mail support for six months starting from your purchase. Should you feel that it doesn’t meet your expectations as the best time and task management system in the market just return the planner agenda to us in a resalable condition and we will provide a 100% refund of the purchase price.

11. How does it work?

Once you complete your purchase, you will receive an e-mail with your login credentials. Go to the ‘members login’ page on the website and enter the learning portal to start reviewing the e-book and its corresponding e-course at your own pace. The agenda planner will be shipped out to you within 24 hours of your purchase. Most people will finish the course within 10 days and it is at about this point that you will receive your planner agenda. Once you receive the planner, use what you have learned and start applying it immediately.

12. What Size is the Planner?

The planner is an A5 size agenda which makes it easy to carry. It comes with one year of insert pages and is a six-ring refillable planner which will last many years. It is a stylish brown in colour and contains six types of pages, some of which you will not find in any other type of planner.