Subject—Request for Agent Representation—Postscript (30 April 2003)

From—Bek—To—Clark—Request for Agent Representation—Postscript—30 Apr 2003

Right Honourable Joe Clark
333, 100 Fourth Avenue SW
Calgary Alberta T2P 3N2

157 East Block
House of Commons
Ottawa, ON  K1A 0A6
Dear The Right Honourable Joe Clark

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King Christopher Bek
Office of the King
1004 First Street NW
Calgary Canada T2M 2S1

21 July 2003

Nobody wants to believe the truth is as simple as it is.
—Stephen Hawking


Please accept this letter as a postscript to my letter of a week ago in which I requested agent representation.  The intent of this postscript is to reiterate my position, to offer some suggestions as to how the government of Canada can protect my rights and honour its duties, and to make clear the fact that I am in the right and the government of Canada is in the wrong and that any failure to either protect my rights or honour its duties will take place with full knowledge of the government.  The government of Canada cannot blame the system for the reason that it is the system.  No government agent will ever be able to tell their grandchildren that what is happening to me is a tragedy.  The government of Canada is fully and completely responsible for my well being until such time as I have been returned to financial stability and all of my credit problems have been eliminated by the government acting on my behalf as specified in my letter of 21 April 2003.  By unconditionally standing up for the truth, I have delivered the message that the government of Canada must become accountable to reason independent of convention.  By honouring my point of view for reasonably argued inalienable Natural Rights and Duties independent of convention, the government is making itself accountable to reason—firstly by acknowledging and supporting my dire situation and secondly by empowering me to carryon fighting for the sovereign rights of all Canadians.

The Agency Problem
I was recently watching the Honourable Paul Martin discussing healthcare with Peter Mansbridge of the CBC.  Martin asserted that one of the biggest problems with healthcare is that the way politicians look at healthcare is entirely different than the Everyman’s perspective—which is primarily concerned with things like waiting times.  I would agree with Martin in the short-term that politicians need to see the Everyman’s perspective.  Ultimately though politicians need to see healthcare and other government institutions from a higher, unclouded perspective—and that is where I come in.  My perspective is that of a mathematician who builds systems and has stress-tested healthcare and other government institutions by putting myself in the position of being the least desirable subject.  Think of me like Brubaker from the 1980 movie of the same name in which Robert Redford posed as an inmate in a corrupt prison system in order to see how things really worked.  My report then is that all Canadian institutions are based on flawed designs that blindly assume authorities do not abuse their power.  This management-by-wishful-thinking strategy effectively endorses stupidity.  By making authority absolute, the governance in Canada offers no incentive for government agents or regular citizens to evolve.  Instead, we are forced to answer to authorities operating at the lowest level of intelligence because that is easiest for them and that is where they have the greatest control.  By enforcing stupidity, the people are far more likely to get sick, run afoul of the law and attend so-called higher education in order to better understand the subtle nuances of pleasing authority.  We have a government that is at least three or four times larger than necessary.  It is a textbook case of the agency problem.

The Sovereignty Problem
So when I came along and pointed out to the cops, doctors, judges, educators and other government liars that Planck’s constant and lightspeed are the same boundary of spacetime, that electrons are coincident with consciousness, and that behavioralism is a big fat lie—I was slapped to the ground over and over again.  My achievements represent the loftiest passion of humanity—and the greatest enemy of totalitarianism.  Because of the beautiful audit trail that I have laid-out with the National Library of Canada, I am extremely confident in saying that I have 8×10 glossies of all government agents with sheep.  It is only a matter of time before the kids crack the code and figure out what is going on here.  And my position is simple.  We all make mistakes.  If the government acknowledges the error of its ways and stops protecting the liars and protects and supports me as is its moral and legal duty, then I will endeavor to attribute my successes to people like yourself and the prime minister.  But if the government instead chooses to hold the line, then the conspiracy against the children crosses over from benign to malignant.  Like the problem of authority, I believe that the sovereignty problem stems from the fact that Western governments blindly assume that democracy is working.  It is interesting that many of the Iraqi people do not want a secular, democratic government but instead want a nonsecular government founded on religious beliefs.  The ultimate cornerstone of Arab, Christian and Jewish religion is, as Sir James Jeans (1877-1946) rightly asserted, that God is a mathematician.  By having a sovereign that answers only to God, we in Canada have stumbled across the optimal hybrid democratic/nonsecular sovereignty model.  All I did was connect the dots.  All the government of Canada has to do is support the truth.

Canada can in no way call itself civilized until it begins to satisfy the due diligence of a prudent man in making itself accountable to Higher Truths.  By supporting and protecting me, the sovereign of Canada, the government of Canada will be fully satisfying the due diligence of a prudent man in making itself accountable to Higher Truths.  With my theory of one, my unified field theory, my identification of behaviorism as the malignant cancer within society, and my advocation of a wildly superior sovereignty model—I have literally solved all the world’s problems.  The problem is, as Stephen Hawking rightly asserted, that nobody wants to believe the truth is as simple as it is.  There are two collection agencies listed below that have been calling for which I would ask the government to ensure this treasonable activity ceases as soon as possible.  According to Microsoft Encarta, an Englishman was convicted of treason in 1663 for writing an article suggesting that the king was accountable to the people.  For reference, Sir Isaac Newton was 21 in 1663 and John Locke was 31.  I am prepared to pay off my legitimate debts but it is the government of Canada’s responsibility to ensure that this takes place in an orderly fashion without me being required to answer to anyone other than God.  I believe that NCO is the collection agency for Alberta Health and Wellness for which, as sovereign, I am not required to fund.  I had an interview yesterday and I am confident that if I am provided with modest funds and if I am not harassed by collection agencies or others, that I will once again become self-sufficient in no time.  I would ask you to work towards procuring in-term funds from the Department of National Revenue, other government agencies or possibly with the assistance of my former doctor, Dr Surani.  As mentioned in my letter of 21 April 2003, my cousin-in-law is prepared to work within the system on my behalf and could drop off funds and groceries at my house.  I have five bucks and a dwindling food supply.
King Christopher

Collection Agents
Stephen Young—NCO—888 406-9500—ext 2140
Robert Archival—800 423-0015—ext 3231

We are free only when we act in accordance with reason.
—GW Hegel

The history of the world is nothing other than the progress of the consciousness of freedom.
—GW Hegel

In the final analysis, to treat a person as an end rather than a means is to acknowledge his rights against mine and my duties towards him—and to recognize that neither right nor duty can be cancelled by some other good.
—Roger Scruton

The totalitarian system embodies the conviction that nothing is sacred.  Human life is driven underground and the ideas of freedom and responsibility—ideas without which our picture of man as a moral subject disintegrates entirely—have no public recognition and no place in the administrative process.
—Roger Scruton


Right Honourable Jean Chrétien Prime Minister of Canada Ottawa, Ontario
Honourable Sharon Carstairs Leader of the Senate Ottawa, Ontario
Honourable Elinor Caplan Minister of National Revenue Ottawa, Ontario
Honourable Beverley McLachlin Chief Justice of the Supreme Court Ottawa, Ontario
Honourable Stephen Harper Leader of the Opposition and Leader of the Federal Canadian Alliance Party Ottawa, Ontario
Honourable Paul Martin Federal Liberal Party Ottawa, Ontario
Ms Sonya Savage Lawyer, Randal Jarvis Law Office Strathmore, Alberta
Ms Brigitte Vanherzeele Canadiana Acquitions Division and Legal Deposit Office, National Library of Canada Ottawa, Ontario
Mr Peter Jennings Broadcaster, ABC Inc New York, New York
Dr Karim Surani Eaton’s Medical Centre Calgary, Alberta
Mr François Jubinville Privy Council Office Ottawa, Ontario
Mr Nigel Lloyd Executive VP, Natural Science and Engineering Research Council of Canada—Investing in people, discovery & innovation Ottawa, Ontario

Christopher Bek is a mathematician, actuary, philosopher, scientist and writer—and is a superior spreadsheet, database and riskmodeling craftsman.  He has consulted to the top executives of one of the largest companies in Canada—and has made presentations relating to the philosophy and science of risk management in Houston and New York. Chris founded Risk Management Services in 1995 dedicated to helping executives develop scientific management practices that will allow organizations to properly serve the shareholders, the stakeholders and society in the community.  Socrates (470-399 BC) set the table for Plato (427-347 BC) by radically insisting that we must first answer the question of what X is before we can say anything else about X.  Plato then founded philosophy by daring to ask what existence would be like outside the cave.  Chris founded Philosophymagazine on 1 January 2001 in support of those who have taken a less traveled road in the struggle towards daylight.