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Garage Remote

Remember when remote garage door remote controls were the size of your hand? Now they’re so small you can keep it on your keyring. Remote control security has also improved with rolling code and tri code technology. This means the special code or key can’t be duplicated or cloned.

Increase the range and effectiveness of your garage remote today with a check up from one of our friendly specialists. The more care you put into your garage door and its counterparts, the longer life it will have. This extends to garage remotes. Technology increases at such a fast pace - don’t be left behind with an old system that could have loop holes and jeopardise the safety of your car and home.

What’s more, our clever team at Speedy Garage Services can unify your remotes so you no longer have to carry separate controls. Our remote controls have four buttons which means just one remote control can operate four different products around the perimeters of your home including front and back gates. Why not increase the functionality of your remote control today?

Why upgrade your remote control?
  • Battery faulty
  • Frequency interference
  • Buttons faulty
  • Corrosion water damaged
  • Dropped damaged crystals
  • Frequency lost or range reduced
  • Upgrade remote control to increase functionality
Speedy will come to the rescue

Your garage door remote solution is just around the corner. We stock all major remote controls, wireless wall buttons and can even upgrade your old or damaged remotes, even the most obsolete ones.

Accessory devices such as remote controls are helpful when it comes to extending the functionality and usability of your garage door opening system. Speedy not only provide conveniently sized key ring type remote controls but also:

  • security pin code access pads
  • standby power units
  • even long range antennas to improve signal strength

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