Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of our frequently asked questions about how our program works!

How do I sign up for a plan?

You can access the plans and pricing options by visiting the link in the navigation menu titled ``Pricing Options``.

Why do you need my Instagram account information?

The only way we can carry out our job is to access your Instagram account. We do not share your account or payment information with anyone, so you are totally safe there.

Why do I have to fill out all those fields when I sign up for a plan?

The fields allow us to appropriately target the right followers (and hopefully potential customers) for your online brand account. We use hashtag, location, and similar account marketing to target the accounts that will engage and become a real, genuine fan of your brand.

Are you a bot?

No. We are real human beings working to help your account grow organically and quickly, while following Instagram's guidelines.

Will my account be suspended or shut down?

We do not anticipate your account being shut down. Accounts that are shut down are usually due to the account holder being insta-wreckless and violating Instagram's rules and regulations. If you set your parameters for likes, comments, or following however, for example, you will be at risk of going to Instagram jail (which places a temporary block on you being able to like, comment or follow - depending on which action has been abused). We try to stay as up to date as possible in terms of Instagram's ever-changing algorithm, but please be aware that we are not responsible for any algorithm changes or updates that have taken place that Instagram may not have released to the public.

What's the brand consultation service entail?

Being that we are not only Instagram experts, but also brand and social media consultants, we analyze your online brand and internet footprint and help you create a game plan that will authentically grow your following not only on Instagram, but all over the internet!

Who do I contact for questions about my plan?

Feel free to contact us anytime by emailing!

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