The Bridge MCP is a state -of- the art 8,000 square foot multi-functional venue near Brooklyn College. The three-story facility features an art exhibition gallery, conference room, study lounge, resource center, and 2,000 square foot recreation space.

MAIN FLOOR (3,000 square feet)

· Open venue space with 11-foot ceilings

· Art gallery for Socially Conscious Artists; book readings, poetry, concert, and lecture series

· Two High Definition Multi-Media television screens and Projector for movie screenings and presentations

SECOND FLOOR RESOURCE AREA (2,800 square feet)

· Young Adult Lounge

· Library and Reading Room

· Community Meeting Area

· Tutoring, art workshops, job training, college application and resume assistance

LOWER LEVEL RESOURCE AREA (2,800 square feet)

· Video & Resource Center

· Media Center with video editing

· Live Streaming and Video Conferencing

· Full Television Studio