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"What really turned me into a Berkey Dealer, was the ease of access to information and the superiority of the products."
Carl Martin
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Berkey Gravity-fed Water Filtration Systems come in a variety of sizes for all your needs.

From the Sport Berkey Bottle for the outdoor enthusiast or everyday use to the larger Berkey Gravity-fed Water Filtration systems for the home, office or business.  Depending on the number of people using the sytem, the size required ranging from the Big Berkey at 2.25 gallons (8.5L), Royal Berkey at 3.25 gallons (12.3L), Imperial Berkey at 4.5 gallons (17L) and the Crown Berkey at 6.0 gallons (22.7L)

Understanding the Berkey Purification Filtration Systems

Berkey® Systems equipped with Black Berkey® Purification Elements remove greater than 99.999% of viruses and greater than 99.9999% of pathogenic bacteria, while also removing or dramatically reducing protozoa, trihalomethanes, inorganic minerals, heavy metals, pharmaceuticals, pesticides, VOCs, petroleum products, perfluorinated chemicals, rust, silt, sediment and even radiologicals. Each pair of long-lasting Black Berkey® Purification Elements can treat up to 6,000 gallons (or about 5 years of typical use) before needing replacement. If desired, Berkey PF-2™ Fluoride and Arsenic Reduction Elements may be installed on each Black Berkey® Purification Element.

Made for the Extreme, Enjoyed Every Day

Berkey® Systems are powerful, freestanding water purifiers that sit on a countertop or stand. Simply pour water from virtually any source into the top chamber of the system, and dispense purified water easily from the lower chamber through a handy spigot. The systems are easy to use—no electricity, tools or plumbing needed. Enjoy clean, delicious purified water that retains the healthy minerals your body needs for an average of less than 2 cents per gallon.

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In Control and Confident

Take control of your tap water. Berkey® water purification systems address a broad universe of potential contaminants, giving you peace of mind.

Ready for any adventure

Travel the world, hit the trail or relax at the lake.  Portable and powerful Berkey® water purification systems reduce harmful contaminants from raw water sources like streams, lakes and ponds.

Loving every sip

When your water tastes great, you drink more of it.  Enjoy nourishing purified water that retains the beneficial minerals your body needs.

Prepared and empowered

Be ready for natural disasters and sudden emergencies.  Berkey® water purification systems can purify raw, untreated water in situations where a portable source of water is not available.

The Water Well