“Stories have been used to dispossess and to malign. But stories can also be used to empower and to humanize. Stories can break the dignity of a people. But stories can also repair that broken dignity.” ― Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie

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“Once you learn to read, you will be forever free.” – Frederick Douglas

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I’m a firm believer that language and how we use language determines how we act, and how we act then determines our lives and other people’s lives.” -Ntozake Shange

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Our Goals. Our Integrity. Our Responsibility.


UWP strives to enhance literacy to broaden worldviews through collective research; using interdisciplinary theories with an emphasis on African centered ideologies in a community of scholars.


UWP is an outlet for voices that transcend the traditional; asserting agency across the diaspora, bridging gaps between mainstream publishing, educational and scholastic works.


UWP secures our legacy through a global lens of leaders, visionaries and history makers, providing full scale publishing, succession planning and the sustainability of knowledge.

Educational Publishing Expertise At UWP LLC

We are focused on a broad range of Educational Publishing in order to meet the needs of a niche group of scholars within the realm of academia. Here at UWP, Professional Educators, Businesses, Entrepreneurs, Political Enthusiast, Philosophers and all manner of creative theorists are welcome at Universal Write Publications. We are doing what no other company within the academy; peer-reviewed entities in this genre are doing, from our 501c3, to Inspirational and Artistic Expression. Focusing on the diaspora through a Critical Race Theory, Cultural and Afrocentric lenses bring an edge and zeal to our work. Bridging the gap of historical and ancestral learning, we teach by edifying the whole scholar and learner, through mind, body, water and spirit. Our scholars are leaders of Social Change, Visionaries and Global Trend Makers!