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It’s Time to Melt the “Frozen Middle” and Create a “River of Hope”

John Borst, PP Rotary Club of Dryden, ON The issue of climate change and the melting of the polar caps is everywhere at this moment in history. However, according to one former  Rotary International director Rotary also has its ice… Continue Reading →

Transparency – An Issue of Search or Policy: Part One – Governance

Last week I went looking for data on how many Rotarians were women. Although I found one outdated statistic, I could not find an actual membership report with even the raw data. About six years ago, an international group of… Continue Reading →

The Club Website and the Issue of an ‘Audience’

Before a club even begins to build a website they should ask themselves who they intend their audience to be and how they are going to reach out and grow that audience. In effect, they are discussing the purpose of… Continue Reading →

It’s Time for a More Democratic Rotary

If one looks at the evolution of democratic institutions, three features, stand out. Men created them; those men were the educated elite of society, and as the elite, they didn’t trust the male rabble to whom they gave a vote…. Continue Reading →

Where are Rotary’s Angry Women?

As I was leaving the Toronto Breakout session on Rotary Research, I happened to find myself next to the panellist Mary Beth Growney Selene. Selene is currently a Trustee on the Rotary Foundation Board (2016-2019) and a past member of… Continue Reading →

The Role of the District Governor and the District Website

Each year the District-Governor Elects gather in San Diego, California (Starting in 2021, it will be Orlando, Florida) to be trained for their up-coming year four months down the road. Although the use of the District website does get an… Continue Reading →

An Invitation to Join the ClubRunner Community

by John Borst, Rotary Club of Dryden I want to invite all those at the ClubRunner Users LinkedIn Discussion Group to register at the ClubRunner created and moderated ClubRunnerCommunity discussion portal. About a year ago I created something similar called… Continue Reading →

Rotary and the Third Lifetime Generation

This past week the e-zine Quartz had an article titled “There is no such thing as old age”. To that, I say hogwash. But they do have a point, and it is one that has implications for Rotary and its… Continue Reading →

The Subversive Rotarian

by John Borst, PP Rotary Club of Dryden What words would you use to describe how change occurs in an organisation as large as Rotary International? Slowly? Quickly? With difficulty? Thoughtfully? Haphazardly? Or perhaps subversively?

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