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Shirley Harper – Entrepreneur

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I had a dynamic career over the past 15 years working with Financial  Services, Manufacturing and Retail industry.  I have worked closely with  Senior management, CEO, Treasurers and Directors, steering Billion  dollars projects and leading multiple programs successfully. Developing  strategic processes for managing Liquidity, Working Capital, Assets and  cashflows to optimize cash for investments and mitigate risk. Maintain  benchmark trends, analyze metrics to maximize the best results for short  and long term investments and Financial Reporting.

With these expertise, I have developed the right mindset, discipline and  trust that will motivate others to hone in on their passion, goals and  aspirations, to gain Financial Freedom and build their own “Avatar” to  master their dreams. My hope is to encourage Prospect to work smart, be  more resilient to identify their strength, focus and develop skills to  master and dominate their “One Thing”.

Shirley Harper

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Business and Consulting

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Saving & Invest

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►Managed $8.2 billion portfolios generating 15 -18% increase in revenue
►Achieved 100% accuracy monitoring $20 billion in assets and $94 billions in derivatives during corporate merger.
►Reorganize reporting, resulting in 85 – 99% accuracy rate for bank reconciliations on multi-billion accounts. Improved True Up by 15%
►Partnered with CEO on series of initiatives to resolve issues impacting general ledger, payroll, line of credit, and commitment fees.

Frequently Asked Questions

Contact your Bank Account Representative: Arrange to have A Deposit Report Process, (DRP) Account with your Operating Bank. Bank will issue Encoded Deposit Tickets to the respective Bank Accounts. Bank will generate daily transaction Reports and a Summary for each day's activities. At month end or if you need to have a Special cutoff date, Bank will provided Reconciliation report package for the Account, with a summary of all Accounts into that group for example: 5 - 30 Accounts, can be Consolidated. If for any reason one of the Participating Account didn't use the Encoded Deposit ticket, The transactions will be placed in a Zero Account on the Daily Bank reconciliation report. The amounts can be clearly identified to facilitate accuracy of cash transactions. This process reduces reconciliation time in the Office and allow Corporate to have consolidated cash timely for investment and operations.
Maintain daily record of all Inflows and Outflows of cash transactions for your business. Update information daily in your Excel Files or Cash Management System. Make sure that you factor all Bank fees and Foreign Exchange activities. You can also use Place holders to record Future transactions for Long Term and Short Term commitments of Cash Flows to maintain good Forecast and Liquidity management. Always review daily to maintain good liquidity.
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