EATING LESS ONLINE explains how to take and maintain control of overeating:
    – even if you’ve failed every previous attempt to eat less
    – even if you’ve never been able to diet successfully
    – even if you overeat just at the thought of doing this course – as many do!

EATING LESS ONLINE takes you on a unique journey of discovery into the ways you think about food; your mindset about eating less and losing weight.


Eating less is a skill you can learn – but it does take time and effort for you to grasp these new ways of thinking about eating. This powerful process absolutely works, but it can only be done by you, and not for you.

Each week there will be videos to watch and a live webinar to attend. There will be written exercises and a forum for discussion with other participants. If you don’t have at least three hours spread over each week to spend with this, it may not be right for you now.

If you’re okay with that investment, real change is possible and everything you discover will be yours for ever.


You won’t be told what to eat, when or how much to eat. Instead, you’ll be given techniques, together with the theory behind them so you understand what you’re doing. Using these techniques, you’re able to make whatever changes you want to make.

You’ll be encouraged to go at your own pace, in your own way. Do you want to stop late-night snacking or comfort eating? Cut down on sugar? Eat smaller meals? Even if you’re not sure where to begin, this process will help you to identify the changes to make, and most importantly implement those changes in a way that lasts.

The course content is entirely focused on sustaining changes in the longer term. It’s not enough to lose weight. What matters is bringing a new attitude to eating less.

  • You’ll discover how to eat less without dieting, without feeling restricted and deprived, without becoming obsessed and rebellious – and without falling off the wagon.
  • You won’t be told to wait until hungry before you eat and to stop when you’re full, because a good amount of research shows these signals are unreliable. You’ll need an alternative; one that’s flexible and one that suits your schedule.
  • You won’t be advised to examine your emotions whenever you want to overeat. It’s good to be aware of what you’re feeling, but this alone doesn’t change how much you want to eat something.

FIVE-STAR REVIEWS on FACEBOOK                  “It is such a different way of looking at eating and a much healthier and more sustainable way to approach it. I am finding her approach is very doable and I am having success.” Eating Less Online Facebook Review

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“It is the first time that I feel a sense of peace of mind that fills me with happiness and relief.” Eating Less Online Facebook Review

“It’s been, quite simply, the making of me. It has changed my life.” ELO Facebook Review

“I wish I had found Gillian and her extraordinary work much earlier.” Eating Less Online Facebook Review

“It feels more powerful now.” Eating Less Online Facebook Review 


  • Six Sections delivered over six weeks, divided into step-by-step video sessions, with supporting written exercises and notes.
  • Six live and interactive webinar Q&A sessions with Gillian, each 60 to 90 minutes long (depending on your questions!) with access to the recordings, so you can watch – and watch again – any time.
  • Membership in the Eating Less Online community Forum, where you can share ideas, and give or receive feedback with others on the course. Questions can be asked on the forum and Gillian will answer them if you want her to, and participate in any of the discussions.
  • Access to the Eating Less Online membership site – containing all videos, webinars and course materials – for one year, with opportunity to renew if you want.
  • Ongoing, live and interactive Q&A webinars hosted by Gillian.
  • Privacy and security: your email address will never appear in my webinars or on my course site; you register with any first name you want to use; and your email address will never be passed on to anyone else for any reason.

“Your principles have completely changed my attitude to food in a very positive way. I no longer binge, which I never thought possible.” ELO Review

“Constant craving gone, much less eating between meals, digestion improved, eating less at meals, the food I do eat I enjoy more.” ELO Review

“A year on I’m still a lot more relaxed about food now. If I do choose to, say, have a biscuit, I can stop at one or two and not feel guilty.”  ELO Review

“I struggled for 40 years with a binge eating problem and your method has been the only thing that has helped me. I was able to stop binge eating in just a few weeks. It was truly life changing and I am so very grateful. It’s been amazing.” ELO Review

“It’s built on a lot of experience. I liked the engagement and interaction of the exercises, even when I found some of them hard to do.” ELO Review


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  • The membership fee for one year is £290 (GBP) but no payment is required until the end of the week, and, of course, only if you want to continue after the free trial.
  • Monthly payments can be made; click below on MORE DETAILS for the payment plan.


Q: I won’t be able to attend the live webinars on Sunday evenings (6pm GMT). Can I still sign up?
A: You’ll always get access to a replay video within 24 hours of any live session. If you’re not able to attend live and want a question answered, just email it to me. I’ll address it in the webinar and you’ll get to watch that the next day.

Q: I’m not overweight but I’m so unhappy with my relationship with food. I think about food way too much, I’m obsessed. And what I eat isn’t very good quality most of the time. Is this the right course for me?
A: Absolutely. You won’t be asked about your weight anyway, so nobody will know, unless you want to give that information for some reason. Many people have benefited from my work who are not overweight, and some have told me it’s been a valuable part of their recovery from anorexia or bulimia. One thing I won’t ever do is support you towards becoming super-skinny, but I don’t think that’s what you’re asking.

Q: I’m in the US and if I do pay for the whole course, I’d want to pay in US dollars. Is this possible?
A: The conversion rates change every day, so it’s best to use the PayPal button, where most currencies are supported. As usual, you’ll receive the confirmation email from them with what you paid, in your own currency. If you want to check beforehand, does the current conversion rates.

Q: Should I read your books before going any further?
A: You can if you want but it’s not essential. DITCHING DIETS is the one I recommend, as it will give you a good, general overview of the content. All of the finer details of the techniques will be in the online course. You can download it right away on Kindle at your local amazon site, or order in paperback.

Q: I began overeating as a way to cope after an extremely traumatic event in my life. Is this course going to help me with this?
A: You will need expert support to help you to come to terms with the trauma, and that’s not what I do. This course can certainly help with the overeating, but it’s not going to be a complete solution for you, and is not intended as a substitute for psychotherapy.


I’ve been immersed in this material for more than 20 years: teaching, writing about and researching a wide range of related topics. It’s crucial for me to use everything I teach in my own life, and I enjoy long term benefits such as healing arthritis and maintaining a loss of three dress sizes over decades.

My books EATING LESS and the short, easy-read version, DITCHING DIETS, have excellent online reviews. My online course, however, goes much further than is possible in a book, is bang up-to-date, and most importantly allows for personal interaction between us. You’ll be able to ask questions in the live webinars, and I’ll be participating in the online forum on the ELO Membership site.

If you haven’t yet watched my TEDx Talk, search for my name or the title – THE MINDSET FOR HEALTHY EATING – on a YouTube page. It’s the easiest way for you to get a sense of my teaching style.

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