Essay—Conspiracy Theory (44)

Summary—This essay argues that the church and government agents (including the prime minister, psychiatrists, physicists and educators) are conspiring against us.

The Matrix is a 1999 science fiction movie starring the Canadians Keanu Reeves (Neo) and Carrie-Anne Moss (Trinity) and the American Laurence Fishburne (Morpheus).  It represents a dystopian society in which existence is perceived by the general population of humans as a simulated reality called the Matrix.  Sentient machines known as government agents pacify people, while their bioelectric energy is used as a power source.  Neo, Trinity, Morpheus and a few others live aboard a hovercraft outside the Matrix.  Tired of being cold and hungry all the time, one of the crewmates named Cipher sells out the rest of the crew by handing them over to the government agents.  In return, the government agents reincarnate Cipher into the Matrix as someone important like as an actor who remembers nothing of his past life.  I write Philosophymagazine so that when I am reincarnated in the future I can remember my past life.

The Church.  According to William Hubben “Modern man wants neither God nor Christ—for what he desires is simply the authority of the church.  He wants the physical security of bread, the spiritual security of dogma, and the so-called proof of the existence of miracles.  To follow God irrespective of the consequences presents too great a risk.  The church offers up a lighter burden.  It serves, selects and explains the truth, forgives sins and bestows upon man the happiness of children.  Yet the price is high.  Man must surrender his freedom of thought and, indeed, he willingly does so.  He no longer serves God as God demands of him, but only as the church tells him so.  God’s mysteries and miracles are henceforth monopolized and administered by the church.”  The church tells us that we must believe in God based on faith alone, but those who believe in God strictly on the basis of faith are setting themselves up for failure because their conception of God is not subject to reason.  The Devil is the one who seeks out those who blindly follow.  The original ontological argument is a proof of the existence of God put forth by Saint Anselm (1033-1109).  It tells us that since we can conceive of a perfect Being in our mind, that Being must absolutely exist in that existence is a necessary component of perfection.  My ontological argument is based on the complementary principle which asserts that there are two complementary, irreconcilable perspectives of the same phenomenon—in this case, God.  The first perspective is from Sir James Jeans (1877-1946) who said that God is a mathematician.  Mathematics is the primordial foundation of all other science.  Einstein said that God is the sum total of the laws of nature, which are mathematical.  Secondly, my theory of one proves there is only one photon in the universe and that photon is God.  Thus, my ontological argument is that God is both a mathematician and the lone photon.  The church is conspiring against the people by forcing them to worship the church itself rather than God, Christ and mathematics.

The Prime Minister.  I wrote a letter to the Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper in 2013 asking for my house back.  In 2003, just before I lost my house, I sent two letters to the Canadian Chief Justice Beverley McLachlin claiming that the government had no legal right to take my house.  My arguments are that the government must respond to all arguments and that the laws of nature trump the laws of government.  Relativity theory (1905), quantum theory (1925) and my theory of one (2001) are all laws of nature.  Unless the government is prepared to formally state that it is not responsible for answering arguments—and that it holds the laws of government above the laws of nature—I want my house back.  I am presenting the Canadian Government with a glorious opportunity to show Canada and the entire world that the Canadian Government answers arguments and holds the laws of nature above the laws of government.  By holding the laws of government above the laws of nature, the government enables normal science and inhibits paradigm-shifting science.  The government will go on lying until they are forced to change by not withholding the truth.  The prime minister is committing fundamental moral errors and is conspiring against the people.

The Psychiatrists.  The Freudian cognitive model has the ego choosing between the id (or self or soul) and the superego (or government).  If the ego chooses the superego in times of moral uncertainty then it is behaviorism.  If the ego chooses the id in times of moral uncertainty then it is existentialism.  My argument is that by not specifically selecting existentialism the option defaults to our current state of behaviorism.  Behaviorism tells us how to behave while existentialism self-teaches us to Be.  BF Skinner (1904-90), who formulated behaviorism, had this to say about consciousness. “Consciousness.  Can we see it?  Measure it?  Pass it around?  Then how is it different than something that does not exist at all?”  In his 1977 book A Guide for the Perplexed  EF Schumacher states that the universe breaks down into the four ontological dimensions of matter, life, consciousness and self-awareness.  Self-awareness is consciousness recoiling upon itself.  In that behaviorism does not recognize any of the ontological dimensions other than matter, it prohibits people from becoming self-aware.  This suits the psychiatrists fine because it keeps patients in a holding pattern, not getting worse but unable to get better.  One might even call this Hell on Earth.  Sure we have a good quality of life in Canada, but we must never forget that half the people in the world go to bed hungry every night.  Even though the race is over, the psychiatrists are refusing to admit they bet on the wrong horse in behaviorism and are thus conspiring to preserve mental illness.

The Physicists.  Stanislav Grof said that we are approaching the time of a major paradigm shift.  String theory (1970) is the belief that subatomic particles are vibrating one-dimensional strings.  My theory of one (2001) solves the greatest scientific problem of all time by uniting relativity theory (1905) with quantum theory (1925) by recognizing the fact that lightspeed and Planck’s constant are the same boundary of the universe.  The theory of one also proves that there is only one photon in the universe and that photon is God.  This theory enables electrons of matter to exit the universe through the atomic nucleus and then re-enter according to the valence waves described by Schrödinger’s probability wave equation—like the waves that occur when a pebble (or electron) is dropped into an ocean.  This allows electrons to be described as both particles and waves.  Similarly, photons of light surf the waves and may also be considered both particles and waves.  Nature puts on a show for us like being in a movie theatre.  We have wrongly concluded that the image on the screen is real.  Both string theory and the theory of one support this view that reality is an illusion—which represents a major paradigm shift.  We must put all the complicated equations away for a while and focus on the basic idea that the universe is a holographic projection.  The physicists are conspiring against the people by ignoring the meaningful truth that the universe is a façade.

The Educators.  According to William Barrett in his 1958 book Irrational Man—A Study in Existential Philosophy said that reason is a Greek invention.  In that Pythagoras (582-500 BC) was the first great Greek mathematician, it stands to reason that the Pythagorean Form was the first realization of reason.  Pythagoras was the first to mathematically prove that the Pythagorean Form, which establishes certain and infallible knowledge that the square of the length of the hypotenuse of a right-angle triangle is equal to the sum of the squares of the two sides (eg. five-squared = four-squared + three-squared).  The Pythagorean proof sits at the base of Western rational thought for the reason that it is the very first realization of certain and infallible knowledge.  Astonishingly, Einstein’s special relativity theory is little more than an application of the Pythagorean Form.  What is even more astonishing is that there is virtually no trace of the Pythagorean proof in any mathematical textbook.  Teachers only teach current knowledge and not the historical perspective.  Risk management is the science of forecasting values, but also involves forecasting the risk associated with those values.  I would recommend the 1996 book by Peter Bernstein entitled Against the Gods—The Remarkable Story of Risk.  His book teaches not only a current perspective of risk mathematics but also a historical perspective.  The educators are conspiring against the young people by not teaching the basics like history, the theory of one and existentialism.

Conclusion.  The preceding paragraphs represent the pseudo-gods of our society.  Our mission is to battle against them.  The church, the prime minister, psychiatrists, physicists and educators must focus on fundamentals like my revelation that special relativity theory is essentially nothing more than the Pythagorean Form.  We should transcend common sense and find our inner voice with self-awareness in order to search out the simple truth.  I am making some very serious charges here that must be answered by the church and the government.  I believe the Matrix is real.