Essay—Was Sleeping Now Walking (66)

SummaryThis essay looks at The Myth of Sisyphus and three doctors and their opposition to new ideas including—dealing with government debt, diminishing non-renewable resources, overpopulation, my theory of one and legalizing marijuana—and argues that doctors should wake up and smell the reefer.

Quotation—Too long have we been fragments, shattered pieces of what might be a whole.  How can a great culture grow in an air of patriotic prejudice and narrowing provincialism?  The time for petty politics is over—the compulsion to great politics has come.  When will the new race of leaders appear? —Will Durant

The Myth of Sisyphus is a 1942 philosophical essay by Albert Camus.  In it Camus introduces his philosophy of the absurd search for meaning, unity and clarity in an unintelligible world devoid of God and eternal truths.  The Myth of Sisyphus is one of the most profound philosophical statements of the 20th Century.  Sisyphus is a figure from Greek mythology who was condemned to spend the rest of his life pushing a boulder up a mountain only to see it roll down over and over again.  Camus had suicidal thoughts and addressed this question directly with his essay—which is a meditation on suicide.  The essay concludes by Camus saying that, “One must imagine Sisyphus happy.”  Against Camus, I would argue that the ontological argument proves the existence of God and the laws of nature are eternal truths.  I used to have dogs named Camus and Copper.  Camus was an existentialist while Copper was an elementalist.  Camus used to freak out when she saw hot air balloons because they made no sense to her.  Copper, on the other hand, only cared about what was directly in front of her nose.  I have seen a dozen doctors over the past 15 years and they are all Coppers.  I am Camus.  Unlike Sisyphus, I push a boulder up a mountain to a never ending series of plateaus.

Dr Gibbs.  A few years ago, I challenged my then psychiatrist, Dr Gibbs, to debate behaviorism vs existentialism.  He failed to respond.  Behaviorism only asks that we behave normally while existentialism asks that each of us take total freedom and total responsibility for the world.  I subsequently wrote letters to the government asking for confirmation on whether the laws of nature trump the laws of government or the other way around.  Relativity theory, quantum theory and my theory of one are all laws of nature.  If the laws of nature trump the laws of government, then they cannot invoke the laws of government against me with an outstanding claim of a law of nature—being the theory of one.  After sacrificing my house to make this point, I set out on my next mission to fix the mental healthcare system.  Like all the doctors, Dr Gibbs never discussed with me the existential concepts of being, authenticity, freedom, responsibility, creating destiny, making decisions and becoming self-aware.  In the five years I saw him he never once told me that he had diagnosed me with schizophrenia until I asked.  Psychiatrists treat patients as spectators rather than teaching them about their diagnosis so they can get well on their own.

Dr Izu.  I recently presented the following argument to my current psychiatrist, Dr Izu.  “Consider that the Canadian Constitution recognizes the supremacy of God and that Einstein claimed God is the sum total of the laws of nature.  Therefore, the laws of nature are supreme to everything including the laws of government.  Relativity theory, quantum theory and my theory of one are laws of nature.  I would thus argue the government has no legal right to take action against me while I have an outstanding claim of a law of nature.”  I asked him to put his response in writing.  He denied my request and dismissed my argument.  Dr Izu represents a distasteful aspect of society in which the government does not answer arguments.  In an attempt to explain to me how stupid people think, Dr Izu held out a pen to try and make the point that it is subjectively different for everyone.  I countered his argument by pointing out that the laws of nature are universally and objectively true for everyone.  That is what makes them so precious.  They are fixedpoints that allow us to climb out of the cave of behaviorism and up the mountain of existentialism into salvation.  But the last thing doctors want is for us to leave the cave.

Dr Leitch.  The 1980 movie Brubaker stars Robert Redford who went into a prison as an inmate only to later reveal his true identity as warden.  I have done the same thing by going into the healthcare system as a patient only to reveal myself as a doctor in that I have identified behaviorism as the cancer of modern medicine.  Dr Kellie Leitch is a medical doctor, a Member of the Canadian Parliament, and candidate for the leadership of the Conservative Party of Canada.  She has said that, if she were elected prime minister, she would reverse the legalization of marijuana that the current prime minister has promised.  She said marijuana is infinitely more dangerous than tobacco.  Based on the recent Canadian election, the people have spoken and they want to legalize marijuana.  Dr Leitch is a Copper who cannot see the forest for the trees.

Direction for Doctors.  We treat doctors like gods that are above reproach.  But what if doctors are putting their own interests first?  I contend that doctors are making people sick with behaviorism and are in turn making a killing off this inflicted illness.  Marijuana makes people self-aware and would allow them to see this treachery.  While doctors are not directly responsible for problems like excessive government debt, dwindling resources and overpopulation—they are responsible for the health of the people—and these problems are or will be making people sick.  Marijuana and the revelation of my theory of one would bring these problems and solutions into focus by realizing higher truths.  In my experience with the dozen doctors—they are unconcerned with higher truths as they have failed to answer any of my arguments over the past fifteen years.

Dealing with Debt.  Servicing the interest on the debt in Canada costs $60 billion per year and payments on the principle of $1.3 trillion over the next 50 years would be $26 billion per year.  If the government were to pay off the debt then we would have an additional $86 billion per year.  As it stands, the government is predicting deficit budgets for years.  According to estimates, we will run out of oil and gas in 50 years; at which time Canada will be overrun by debt.  In 50 years the chance would be minuscule that we could pay off our then multi-trillion dollar government debt without the benefit of oil and gas tax revenues.  I would argue that we should sell land to pay off debt now.

Non-Renewable Resources.  We will run out of oil and gas in 50 years so that we may not be able to feed our families or heat our homes.  Considering that the Earth is 4.5 billion years old, we only have a heartbeat of non-renewable energy remaining.  Over the next 50 years, proper family planning could reduce the population to the 1790 level of one billion people, which could significantly increase the number of years of non-renewable energy remaining.  Being self-aware with an existential attitude recognizes ourselves as active agents making conscious choices in which we take full responsibility for planet Earth—which is just 50 years away from coming to a grinding halt as we descend into anarchy like the 1979 post-apocalyptic movie, Mad Max.  The government should consider banning motorized racing in order to demonstrate they are serious about global warming and conserving non-renewable resources.

Overpopulation.  The current population of the Earth is 7.2 billion people.  The Chinese government has had a one-child limit policy since 1979 and has recently considered child limit policy reforms.  While many critics agree that such a policy change is a step forward, others believe the country’s difference in gender makeup, diminishing labor force and involuntary abortions will not be remedied until they change to a two-child limit policy.  Other countries that have also implemented child limit policies include—Vietnam, Hong Kong and the United Kingdom.  I propose a voluntary child policy starting with Canada where the most number of children allowed by a couple is two.  We could follow good faith and the laws of nature so that everyone around the world takes responsibility for a sustainable Earth.

The Theory of One.  I have produced a revolutionary physics theory and claim this theory of one (2001) solves the greatest scientific problem of all time by uniting relativity theory (1905) with quantum theory (1925).  It proves that the universe is bounded, that there is only one photon, that one photon is God, and that reality is an illusion—meaning the Moon does not exist when no one is looking at it.  I am saying that physicists are ignoring the theory because it puts them out of business.  The theory is dead simple and can be explained in just a few minutes.

Legalizing Marijuana.  Marijuana is a wonder drug and tobacco is an idiotic drug.  I know this because I have tried them both.  Marijuana allows people to reboot their minds and reconceive their place in the universe.  Some people smoke a pack of tobacco cigarettes a day; but for me a pack of marijuana cigarettes would last a month.  When I initially formed my theory of one in the fall of 2000, I was smoking marijuana on a fairly regular basis.  The cosmic truth of my theory owes its existence in part to marijuana.  It reveals the flaws of behaviorism and the strengths of existentialism.

Conclusion.  The musical group Crash Vegas said, “I was sleeping.  Now I’m walking.”  Marijuana woke me from a deep sleep and allowed me to realize the need to deal with government debt, diminishing non-renewable resources, overpopulation and my theory of one.  I suggest that doctors try smoking marijuana in order to wake up and shift from a highly localized perspective of reality into a radically expanded universal perspective.  Think globally act locally.  I challenge doctors to conduct essay writing contests and engage in public debates with me.