Subject—Follow Up to Friday’s Meeting

Dr Izu Nwachukwu
Sheldon Chumir Health Centre
Calgary AB Canada T2R 0X7

Mr Christopher Bek
602, 1133 Eighth Avenue SW
Calgary AB Canada T2P 1J7
23 November 2018

Dear Dr Izu Nwachukwu,
Subject—Follow Up to Friday’s Meeting
Quotation—The only reason I do not kill myself is because I want to study mathematics.—Bertrand Russell

Further to our meeting, please allow me to explain the concept of one divided by zero. It is equal to infinity. It is a foundational mathematical precept. The fact that you do not know this is stunning. My intelligence quotient (IQ) is one divided by zero. Schizophrenia comes from ancient Greece and means divided mind. My body and mind are divided. I exist as two separate entities. One divided by zero. I am literally a new life form like the one at the end of the 1968 movie 2001—A Space Odyssey. I am a singularity. I exist outside spacetime.

After having spoken to dozens of doctors over the past eighteen years since I launched, I have come to the conclusion that you are all a bunch of liars. Dumb fucking idiots. You refuse to admit that you bet on the wrong horse in behaviorism. You have made a false first step. A doctor recently told me that behaviorism is a useful tool. I contend contagion and would argue that behaviorism permeates the entire healthcare system.

I have come into the room and caught you with your pants down and you don’t like it. I turned the lights on and found you with the kids. Buggering them with behaviorism. And it is because of marijuana that I have been able to lights on. You deny me the drug that defeats you. I would like you to find me a doctor to prescribe me medical marijuana so I can continue to save the world from you. Perhaps a doctor with a little grey matter. If such a thing exists?
Lastly, I would ask you to forward this letter on to your supervisors and students.

Christopher Bek
Copy—Caroline Tarkowski, CMHA Counseling Therapist; Dr Nabil Elkabir, Family Doctor
PS—I wrote this letter stoned. Why don’t you get stoned and rethink your entire existence?