Subject—Criminal Charges Against Canadian Honourables and Doctors (21 July 2003)

From—Bek—To—Clark—Criminal Charges Against Canadian Honourables and Doctors—21 July 2003

Right Honourable Joe Clark
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King Christopher Bek
Office of the King
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Calgary Canada T2M 2S1
21 July 2003

Canadian Government Manifesto

None can love freedom but good men.  The rest love not freedom but license, which never hath more scope than under tyrants.
—John Milton

In 1936 the Nobel Prize-winning physicist Johannes Stark and his followers unleashed a newspaper assault in Germany against Jewish physics, by which he meant theoretical physics, which he contrasted with German or experimental physics.
—Richard Brennan 

There are only two kinds of immoral conduct.  The first is due to indifference, thoughtlessness and failure to reflect upon what is for the common good.  The second is represented by the unpardonable sin that Christ spoke of—which is the deliberate refusal to follow the light when seen.
—Robert Millikan 

Truth is compared in Scripture to a streaming fountain—if Her waters flow not in perpetual progression then they sicken into a muddy pool of conformity and tradition.  A man becomes a heretic in the truth if he believes things without knowing their reason but instead relies on his pastor’s says so or because the assembly so determines.  Though his belief may be true, the very truth he holds becomes his heresy.
—John Milton

I am writing to you as the legitimate, unchallenged Canadian Sovereign to formally charge all political and legal honourables and all medical and academic doctors working for the government in Canada with heresy, child abuse and the unpardonable sin that Christ spoke of—which is the deliberate refusal to follow the light when seen.  I further charge Prime Minister Chrétien, Senate Leader Carstairs, Governor General Clarkson and Chief Justice McLaughlin with totalitarianism and treason against the sovereign.  I appoint the following copied individuals with the responsibility of forwarding this letter on to all their respectively associated honourables and doctors in Canada—Carstairsàpolitical honourables, McLaughlinàlegal honourables, Maràmedical doctors and Weingartenàacademic doctors.  I have made some monolithic scientific and medical discoveries—and the bad faith I have experienced over the past three years from all government in Canada is tantamount to the same persecution experienced by other truth-tellers like Socrates and Galileo.  I further contend that by denying these higher truths the government is attempting to maintain some sense of culpable deniability.  This letter officially removes the umbrella of deniability and makes all future truth-subverting actions intentional—including the fact that the government is on the verge of unlawfully taking my house from me.  This letter describes how all Canadian honourables and doctors have failed the prudent man rule test in realizing these obvious truths—thereby committing heresy.  The fact that the educational system does not edify basic truths like those offered in Philosophymagazine is abusive and indicates the government only teaches children that which validates governmental bad decisions like behaviorism.  The government has neither challenged nor acknowledged my declaration of sovereignship—nor has it challenged or materially acknowledged any of my other achievements.  This combined with your bad-faith failure to contact me if there were any problems with my claims is patently harmful and indicates that the government is not accountable thereby making its actions both totalitarian and treasonous.  This letter also argues for the importance of the nonlocal perspective of government that I as sovereign afford, and offers a win-win-win solution whereby I would be provided the same tax-free salary as the governor general.  By halting the unlawful removal of my house and paying my creditors with my sovereign salary, I would then be able to carryon with my mission of telling the truth—which would also provide absolution to the honourables and doctors from the legitimate criminal charges presented here.

The Prudent Man Rule

My theory of one mathematically proves that the universe is bounded rather than unbounded as was previously assumed.  My unified field theory proves the higher truth that conscious is the perceptual apparatus by which we comprehend reality and the essence of reality is fundamentally different than our conscious perception of it.  As we sit in a movie theatre watching a movie, the essence of the movie is the physical film and not that which is projected on the screen.  Sir James Jeans described the universe as four-dimensional relativistic soap bubbles, while John Wheeler described it as quantum foam.  The theory of one recognizes the two as same equivalent film—meaning there is no difference between looking through a telescope and looking through a microscope.  The unified field theory recognizes electrons as coincident with both Leibniz’s monads and consciousness—and that consciousness is the accumulation of inertial effects experienced by the monads passing through the film.  So the answer to Einstein’s question of whether the Moon really exists when no one is looking at it is an emphatic no.  Both George Berkeley (ie. Berkeley, California) and John Locke (ie. the US Constitution) figured this out three hundred years ago.  Building on consciousness, I identified the malignant cancer within society as the outwardly focusing behavioral psychological model which denies consciousness—and presented the wildly superior existential model that makes consciousness and the soul primordially important.  I also identified the Christian belief that we can know God by faith alone as patent Devil-worship by proving mathematically that God is a mathematician and that mathematics is the synthesis of faith and reason.  The prudent man rule is an ancient doctrine whereby the actions and decisions of individuals in position of authority are held accountable to the standards that a prudent and reasonable person would conduct themselves in similar circumstances.  All of my monolithic higher truths are simple elaborations on readily-available work—meaning that a failure to recognize these obvious truths represents imprudence.  In that the very definition of the word honourable entails honesty, integrity and wholeness—an honourable man must also be a prudent man with the additional requirement of wholeness—thereby eliminating any exception for secular distinction.  Medical doctors are charged with the highest responsibility of mental and physical well-being of the people—for which the search for and realization of higher truth is certainly a cornerstone.  Academic doctors working at universities advertise the pursuit of universal knowledge of the highest order—for which all of my higher truths, including the fact that the universe is bounded, qualify.  I have thus demonstrated that all Canadian honourables and doctors are patently imprudent.

Heresy, Child Abuse and the Unpardonable Sin

By failing the prudent man rule test, I have established that all Canadian honourables and doctors are guilty of heresy and immoral conduct due to indifference, thoughtlessness and failure to reflect upon what is for the common good.  Heresy means that you honourables and doctors are representing yourselves as looking out for the common good but in fact are not.  In that I have clearly exercised the due diligence of a prudent man in making my claims known to the honourables and doctors, I am also able to argue that they are additionally guilty of the unpardonable sin that Christ spoke of—which is the deliberate refusal to follow the light when seen.  This letter removes all doubt as to the pardonablity of any future truth-subverting actions.  It was Robert Millikan (1868-1953) who identified the two types of immoral conduct as heresy and the unpardonable sin.  Millikan was a hard-headed American physicist who won the Nobel Prize in 1923 for providing a posteriori validation of Einstein’s photoelectric effect theory and its attendant assertion that light exists as both particles and waves.  He spent ten years trying to disprove the theory but, in the end, argued for it unambiguous verification in spite of its seeming unreasonableness.  Millikan was a prudent man.  BF Skinner (1904-90) was an American psychologist who argued for behaviorism based on the underlying belief that consciousness does not exist.  Skinner was at the intellectually-prime age of 31 in 1935 when Schrödinger produced his quantum-cat thought problem which proves that consciousness is real.  On 1 February 2001 I walked into the Foothill’s hospital and gave Dr Ryan five copies of my beautiful Theory of One book and asked her to put four copies in the doctor’s lounge.  Four of the five essays in the book tell the story of the Schrödinger’s Cat thought problem.  Even for behaviorism alone, Skinner and all honourables and doctors are wildly imprudent.  The switch from behaviorism to existentialism means a switch from an ego-based society to a soul-based society.  Consider that the chemistry taught in high school is based on Niels Bohr’s 1913 solar-system atomic model that was merely a stepping stone to the final quantum theory of the atom in 1925 whereby the wave crests of Schrödinger’s wave equation coincide with the discrete electron orbits of Bohr’s model.  Bohr’s model works fine for chemistry because it is a derivative science—but it fundamentally betrays the truth of a deeper level of reality that I have exposed.  It is this complementary perspective that I present in QED Baby that is necessary for achieving global sustainability.  Similarly, my complementary perspective as sovereign is necessary for achieving a robust sovereignty.  I assert that the government has made some very bad decisions like behaviorism and that education is singularly designed to steer young people in a way that validates these bad decisions.  This metaphysical sodomization of the children by the educational system thwarts people from arriving at certain and infallible knowledge—which they could then be used to defeat totalitarianism.

A Sovereign Perspective

When I requested your representation as my agent within the Canadian Government three months ago I was expecting you to fight for me and ask hard questions like—Why is the government not recognizing me as sovereign?—and to publicly acknowledge my theories and challenge those who oppose them to speak up.  I expected you to arrange for funds and keep in regular contact with me.  You have done none of those things and to say that you have failed me is a massive understatement.  I hereby formally recuse you as my agent.  Any further action against me must go through the United Nations.  As my member of parliament, I demand that you do absolutely everything in your power to halt the unlawful foreclosure sale of my house.  I further demand that the government continues paying my basic services until such time as I am able to.  This country is a totalitarian piece of shit.  What you call a safety social net I call a slab of cold hard cement.  The educational and legal systems are patent Devil-worshiping ritualism.  What I am doing here represents the natural evolution of government by bringing the element of self-awareness.  Rather than jabbing and going for my goodies, you honourables and doctors should be encouraging me and doing everything you can to help.  I am looking out for the best interests of the children, insuring sovereignty resides with the people, facilitating the switch from the ego-based behaviorism to the soul-based existentialism, and facilitating the switch from the antiquated Parliamentarian model to the state-of-the-art Bernoulli model.  You asserted that we have good fortune in this country.  I contend that Canada is totally failing the world with our pretense of morality underneath which lies self-indulgent treachery and cowardice.  This is a country of submissive wives that look the other way while dad fucks the kids.  Our fortune is good because we have spectacular Godgiven resources and the United States for a big brother.  The problem is that we are squandering it.  If I am wrong then why is it that no one will debate me?  Nietzsche was dead right when he said that my enemies are those that destroy the world without creating themselves.  Your contention that respect and opportunity are worth fight for is revolting.  It is truth and freedom that are worth fighting for.  The honourables and doctors that respect you are bald-faced liars.  The only respect I care about is self-respect.  And the opportunity you speak of is just another word for license, which never hath more scope than under tyrants.  I suppose the reason the honourables and doctors have not helped me is that I may have failed to show the proper respect.  It is my contention that moral law has an absolute character and that you must do your duty and uphold my rights regardless of conflicting interests or your opinion of me.  The prime minister recently demanded that the authorities who beat a Canadian women to death in Iran be punished.  But the prime minister is the one who is responsible for his atrocious failure to set a higher moral standard in Canada where we have absolutely everything.  And why isn’t the prime minister concerned about all the thousands of other people who are beaten to death everyday in the world?  Holding truth sacred and recognizing knowledge as le savior represents the first step forward.


The founder of modern mathematics and modern philosophy René Descartes once said that no beauty is comparable to the beauty of truth.  The foundation of my being is that truth is scared.  Truth is to be looked upon with reverence and must be held in the highest regard.  Anyone who does not hold this same view is a liar.  I am hardwired to seek out and embrace higher truth.  I have proved beyond all reasonable doubt that Canadian honourables and doctors are hardwired to lie and deny higher truth.  And since the rest of the country is under their dominion, the core of my being is fundamentally in conflict with everybody else.  Imagine how difficult life is for me.  If the government takes my house away then Canada will knowingly be crossing over the line into its darkest hour.  All along I have been advocating a win-win-win solution whereby the government supports me as the truth-teller thereby making the world better for everybody and in so doing affording absolution for all honourables and doctors.  If the Canadian Government recognizes me as sovereign and pays me the same tax-free salary (ie. $120,000 per annum) as the governor general from 28 September 2002, then I will just keep formulating one winning argument after another until the lights come on.  Essentially the governor general and I share the same job of ensuring good government and serving as sentinels for the highest common values of all Canadians—namely the future of the children.  The governor general provides a local perspective while my perspective is global.  With my undisputed achievements, I would argue that I have clearly demonstrated my value in the ten months I have been in office.  If the government immediately halts all legal action against me and uses the $100,000 that I am legitimately owed to begin paying off my creditors including those holding the mortgage on my house then we all do well and Canada will take the first step from superficial morality to a country of philosophers and scientists that is unequivocally responsible.  And I will let you in on a little secret—all my revelations like bad behaviorism and universal boundedness are about to become universally known by everyone.  I am offering you the best deal anyone has ever offered anyone.  All you have to do is swallow your pride a little and do the right thing.
King Christopher


All science is either physics or stamp collecting.
—Lord Ernest Rutherford

If any question why we died tell them because our fathers lied.
—Rudyard Kipling

Be sure you put your feet in the right place and then stand firm.
—President Abraham Lincoln 

My enemies are those that destroy the world without creating themselves.
—Friedrich Nietzsche 

On matters of style, swim with the current.  On matters of principle, stand like a rock.
—President Thomas Jefferson 

Nothing in the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity.
—Martin Luther King Jr

Put me on earth again and I would rather be a serf in the house of some landless man than the king of all these dead men that are done with life.

The one thing that I have learned in a long life is that all science measured against reality is primitive and childlike—and yet it is the most precious thing we have.
—Albert Einstein 

Conscious is the perceptual apparatus by which we comprehend reality and the essence of reality is fundamentally different than our conscious perception of it.
—Christopher Bek

A company of chessmen stand on the same squares as where we left them—although perhaps the chessboard has, in the meantime, been carried out of the room into another.
—John Locke

All the choir of heaven and furniture of earth—in a word all those bodies which compose the mighty frame of the world—have not any substance without the mind.  So long as they are not perceived by me, or do not exist in my mind or in the mind of any spirit, they have no existence whatsoever.
—George Berkeley 

We take for granted our good fortune in this country.  In particular, those of us who were born here assume that Canada’s advantages exist everywhere.  They don’t.  The barriers of wealth, class or prejudice are stronger in every other nation I can think of.  We are a hard country to define, an easy country to abuse, but there is a combination of opportunity and respect here which are worth fighting for.
—Joe Clark 

The totalitarian system embodies the conviction that nothing is sacred.  In such a system, human life is driven underground, and the ideas of freedom and responsibility—ideas without which our picture of man as a moral subject disintegrates entirely—have no public recognition and no place in the administrative process.
—Roger Scruton 

Moral law has an absolute character.  Rights cannot be arbitrarily overwritten or weighed against the profit of ignoring them.  Duties cannot be arbitrarily set aside or cancelled by the bad results or due obedience.  I must respect your right, regardless of conflicting interests, since you alone can renounce or cancel it.  That is the point of the concept—to provide an absolute barrier against invasion.  A right is an interest that is given special protection and cannot be overwritten or cancelled without the consent of the person who possess it.  By describing an interest as a right we lift it from the account of cost and benefit, and place it in the sacred precinct of the self.  Likewise duty, if it is to exist at all, must have an absolute moral character.  In the final analysis, to treat a person as an end rather than a means is to acknowledge his rights against mine and my duties towards him—and to recognize that neither right nor duty can be cancelled by some other good.
—Roger Scruton


Christopher Bek is a mathematician, actuary, philosopher, scientist and writer—and is a superior spreadsheet, database and riskmodeling craftsman.  He has consulted to the top executives of one of the largest companies in Canada—and has made presentations relating to the philosophy and science of risk management in Houston and New York. Chris founded Risk Management Services in 1995 dedicated to helping executives develop scientific management practices that will allow organizations to properly serve the shareholders, the stakeholders and society in the community.  Socrates (470-399 BC) set the table for Plato (427-347 BC) by radically insisting that we must first answer the question of what X is before we can say anything else about X.  Plato then founded philosophy by daring to ask what existence would be like outside the cave.  Chris founded Philosophymagazine on 1 January 2001 in support of those who have taken a less traveled road in the struggle towards daylight.

From—Ryan—To—Bek—Acknowledgement of Five T1 Books—1 Feb 2001

The following is an exchange of emails between myself, Christopher Lloyd Bek, and Dr MW Ryan of the Foothills Hospital emergency room in Calgary.  I went to the hospital on 1 February 2001 asking for help because, as I told Dr Ryan, I was “outside the cave.”  She gave me a phone number to call for help and then ran out of the room.  I returned to the hospital two hours later with five copies of my Theory of One book.  I instructed the admitting nurse to give one copy to Dr Ryan and to put the other four copies in the doctors’ lounge.  When I arrived home at 1004 First Street NW Calgary Canada, I found the following email from Dr Ryan awaiting me.
Sent—1 February 2001 3:47 pm
The material was most enjoyable.  In any event, it probably was fun writing.  You did make your point, though.  As for reaching clients, good luck.


Sent—2 February 2001 12:37 am
Subject—re: essays

I appreciate your acknowledgement, but I fear that my point has not been made.  The message I am trying to convey is that the theory of one is most assuredly on the cusp of bringing the world to its knees. And my intention here is simply to give you a heads-up before the airplanes start falling out of the sky.  For the record, writing it was painful beyond anything you can possibly imagine.  It was an exercise in taking all of my genius to its absolute limit.  As for clients, it just so happens that it is your lost soul which I am most interested in reaching.