Subject—Notification of Treasonable Action (1 April 2003)

From—Bek—To—McLachlin—Notification of Treasonable Action—1 Apr 2003

Chief Justice Beverley McLachlin
Supreme Court of Canada
Supreme Court Building
301 Wellington Street
Ottawa, ON  K1A 0A6
Dear The Honourable Beverley McLachlin,
Subject—Notification of Treasonable Action

King Christopher Bek
Office of the King
1004 First Street NW
Calgary Canada T2M 2S1

1 April 2003

Canadian Government Manifesto

Thou shall have no other god before me.

Knowledge Le Savoir
On 28 September 2002 I wrote to the chief justice of the Supreme Court of Canada and invoked the Divine Right of Kings doctrine thereby declaring My Lawful and Rightful Kingship and sole Sovereignship to the sovereignty of Canada.  The Divine Right of Kings is an ancient doctrine which states that sovereigns represent God and thus derive their right to sovereignship directly from God.  The whole point of mathematics is to arrive at certain and infallible knowledge.  I proved certainly and infallibly that there is only one photon in the universe, which I correctly identified as Eve from Creation.  Sir James Jeans (1877-1946) said that God is a mathematician, which is consistent with Albert Einstein’s (1879-1955) claim that God is the sum total of the laws of nature.  Relativity is the natural law of spacetime and is based on lightspeed.  Quantum theory is the natural law of matter and is based on Planck’s constant.  My theory of one certainly and infallibly unites the Godmade laws of nature by recognizing lightspeed and Planck’s constant as the same boundary of spacetime.  My identification of Eve and my uniting the Godmade laws of nature are well distributed and unchallenged facts which clearly establish a divine connection between myself and God—thereby legitimizing My Divine Right.

God vs McLachlin
The Constitution of Canada is a group of documents and conventions outlining the political and legal foundations and hierarchal structures of Canadian society.  It describes the fundamental rights of citizens, as well as limiting the power of the government over the people.  The definition of sovereignty is the quality of being sovereign and means to be protected from tyranny and to exist in felicity with the laws of nature.  To be protected from tyranny we must be able, as Socrates rightly asserted, to follow the argument wherever it leads.  Thomas Jefferson’s belief in the social contract came from British political philosopher John Locke who argued that the natural liberty of man is to be free from any legislative authority of man and to only have the laws of nature for rule.  In that God is a mathematician and the raison d’être of mathematics is to arrive at certain and infallible knowledge, and that I have certain and infallible knowledge that I am the Sovereign of Canada, how can it be, in this or any instance, that the Supreme Court of Canada is able to overrule God?

Sovereignty of the People
According to the Divine Right of Kings doctrine, sovereigns are only responsible to God and are not subject to secular limitations.  The word secular means of the world and stems from the word section.  In not recognizing the My Divine Right, the Supreme Court of Canada has effectively made a secular distinction between the Godmade laws of nature and the manmade laws of government.  In other words, the Supreme Court is using secularization to speciously defeat a legitimate doctrine undergirded by the very fact that it rises above secularization.  In keeping with the predefined role of sovereign in Canada, I hold no political power and my only real function as sovereign is to ensure, as John Lock rightly asserted, that sovereignty must ultimately reside with individuals and not governments.  As long as the government sections-off God and gives absolute tyrannical control to institutions like education, healthcare and the Supreme Court, sovereignty will never reside with individuals and Canada will continue to be a totalitarian state.

The Endgame
Totalitarianism is the practice of governance that attempts to monopolize all possible influences affecting the behavior of individuals.  It atomizes people and existentially alienates them from themselves and each other, thus forcing the people to capitulate to the to the external authority of government in order to survive.  Totalitarianism depends upon the masses to control the masses by either physical or metaphysical force.  The Canadian Government defines itself as totalitarian in that it denies the children access to the mind of God by buggering them with a wrongheaded education that is founded on a false, flat, dehistorized version of mathematics.  This metaphysical sodomization of the children by the educational system represents the first and pre-emptive defense that the false-gods of government use to thwart the people from arriving at certain and infallible knowledge—which they could then be used to defeat totalitarianism.  The use of the patently defective behavioral psychological model in the healthcare system is the second line of defense the government employs in smothering the people.  Finally, bad faith denial of the Godmade laws of nature by the Supreme Court of Canada corresponds to the final insidious barrier deployed by the government in preventing the people from leaving the cave of totalitarianism and finally arriving at true and authentic freedom.

The House of God
Abraham Lincoln said that anyone who makes an assertion without knowing its truthfulness is guilty of falsehood—and the accidental truth of the assertion does not justify the lie.  In effect, by denying My Divine Right, you are asserting its invalidity—thereby making you, the so-called highest moral voice in Canada, a bad faith liar.  In addition to solving the problem that Einstein spent the last thirty years of his life working on in the unified field theory and identifying the malignant cancer within society as the outwardly focusing behavioral psychological model—I have spent the last two years talking to and developing mathematically valid arguments directed towards convincing politicians, doctors, judges, educators and cops of the significance of my monolithically important achievements.  The response I have received so far is consistent with that of a six year-old who refuses to admit breaking a lamp.  But understand this Beverley—your unchecked, authoritian reign of terror is over.  A few years ago I was sitting across the table from the treasurer of Canadian Pacific Limited and I said to him that the only way to get someone’s attention is to whack them on the side of the head—for which he agreed.  You may now consider yourself whacked.  Remember this above all—I am not your enemy.  I am simply trying to affect positive change.  So if you can pull your head out of your ass and wax your board up and get ahead of this one, I can promise you that I will be a loyal friend.  As a result of my uncompromising pursuit of the truth, I have brought this situation to the point of the government being on the verge of unlawfully foreclosing on my house.  Except for the forwarding of an ominous-looking legal envelope on the Senator Carstairs, I have done nothing and will continue to do nothing to prevent this unlawful action against the me, the Sovereign of Canada.  If you allow this unlawful action to continue and take my house away or harm me in any other way, then you are knowingly committing the capital offense of high treason against your Sovereign for which you will be brought to justice.  Furthermore, in that it is entirely possible I may not survive this ordeal, I hereby, as Sovereign of Canada, authorize any Canadian in Canada or the United States to live in truth and nonviolently bring to justice anyone who violates me or the ideals of sovereign life.  I place my trust in the people and not the government.
King Christopher

I’m just a man with nothing left to lose.
—Kevin Spacey from the 2000 movie American Beauty

To be illogical is to be stupid or to be incoherent or to be insufficiently concerned with the truth—or all three together.
—Anthony Flew

Too long have we been fragments, shattered pieces of what might be a whole. How can a great culture grow in an air of patriotic prejudice and narrowing provincialism? The time for petty politics is over—the compulsion to great politics has come. When will the new race of leaders appear?
—Will Durant

The future does not belong to those who are content with today, apathetic toward common problems and their fellow man, timid and fearful in the face of bold projects and new ideas. It belongs to those who can blend passion, reason and courage in a personal commitment to the great enterprises and ideals of society.
—Robert Kennedy


Right Honourable Jean Chrétien Prime Minister of Canada Ottawa, Ontario
Honourable Sharon Carstairs Leader of the Senate Ottawa, Ontario
Honourable Elinor Caplan Minister of National Revenue Ottawa, Ontario
Honourable Stephen Harper Leader of the Opposition and Leader of the Federal Canadian Alliance Party Ottawa, Ontario
Right Honourable Joe Clark Leader of the Federal Progressive Conservative Party, Former Prime Minister of Canada, and Member of Parliament for Calgary Centre and for King Christopher Calgary, Alberta
Ottawa, Ontario
Ms Sonya Savage Lawyer, Randal Jarvis Law Office Strathmore, Alberta
Ms Brigitte Vanherzeele Canadiana Acquitions Division and Legal Deposit Office, National Library of Canada Ottawa, Ontario
Mr Peter Jennings Broadcaster, ABC Inc New York, New York
Dr Karim Surani Eaton’s Medical Centre Calgary, Alberta
Mr François Jubinville Privy Council Office Ottawa, Ontario
Mr Nigel Lloyd Executive VP, Natural Science and Engineering Research Council of Canada—Investing in people, discovery & innovation Ottawa, Ontario

Christopher Bek is a mathematician, actuary, philosopher, scientist and writer—and is a superior spreadsheet, database and riskmodeling craftsman.  He has consulted to the top executives of one of the largest companies in Canada—and has made presentations relating to the philosophy and science of risk management in Houston and New York. Chris founded Risk Management Services in 1995 dedicated to helping executives develop scientific management practices that will allow organizations to properly serve the shareholders, the stakeholders and society in the community.  Socrates (470-399 BC) set the table for Plato (427-347 BC) by radically insisting that we must first answer the question of what X is before we can say anything else about X.  Plato then founded philosophy by daring to ask what existence would be like outside the cave.  Chris founded Philosophymagazine on 1 January 2001 in support of those who have taken a less traveled road in the struggle towards daylight.

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