Subject— Thanks for Dinner

Mr Rich Theroux
Rumble House
Calgary, Alberta T2P 1J5

Mr Christopher Bek
602, 1133 Eighth Avenue SW
Calgary AB Canada T2P 1J7
403 471-7440
12 October 2018

Dear Rich,
Subject—Thanks for Dinner
Quotation—Leibniz (1646-1716) was the archetypal caricature genius. He lived a life rich in
incidents of high farce, of whose nature he was seldom aware. He knew everything about
everything, yet he simply didn’t understand how ordinary people thought and behaved. Paul Strathern

I just wanted to thank you for having me to Rumble House for Thanksgiving dinner. The food was
excellent and I was able to take home some leftovers that fed me for the next couple of days.
Rumble House is a special place with special people.

On a scholastic note, I just read Leibniz in 90 Minutes by Strathern and was particularly interested
in Leibniz’s Monadology that he used in formulating calculus, the mathematics of motion. I hope
that you might consider the following equation:
Monads = Electrons = Consciousness = Ontology

Christopher Bek