The Bek Bernoulli Brochure


I offer this brochure as my portfolio of available risk management consulting services. I present myself as a philosopher and scientist interested in helping organizations developing scientific management practices. This introduction describes the three main sections of the document. My Résumé describes my extensive background in risk management and actuarial science. The Bernoulli Model is a sophisticated realization of portfolio theory that I have designed with the hope of becoming a universal standard for business, education and government. The underlying belief is that everyone needs to understand portfolio theory. The Risk Management Review Essays represent my forum for presenting philosophic and scientific arguments. Each of the five concise essays are written to both inform and inspire new ways of thinking.

Your organization may be among the thousands of organizations around the world that are facing a barrage of changes and challenges in the global environment. Most would agree that growth and sustainability in this evolving environment are largely contingent upon efficiently managing both value creation and the risk associated with value creation. This concept of risk-reward efficiency was first introduced by Harry Markowitz as portfolio theory in 1952. The Bernoulli Model is an advanced application of portfolio theory that shows the same coherent storyboard for all organizational risk factors within a stylized, accessible Microsoft Excel frontend environment. The approach involves first developing micromodels for the purpose of highlighting basic concepts. The benefits of portfolio management and The Bernoulli Model include the capacity for:

· Portfolio optimization and cost savings
· Expanded definitions of both risk and reward
· Comparability between risk factors and business units
· Consolidated forecasting and risk management intelligence
· Greater internal credibility when calculating the cost of capital

I also offer The Bernoulli executive training model for the price of five thousand dollars. This state-of-the-art model shown in this brochure features:

· Prototype for operational model
· Actuarial valuation of assets
· Expanded definitions of risk and reward
· Scientific management
· RoboHelp system
· The Bernoulli charts
· The Bernoulli moment vector
· The four-moment Camus distribution
· The VBA Code
· Consulting time

In addition to The Bernoulli Model, some of the other projects that I could become involved in include conducting an insurable risk retention valuation study, developing forward-curve models, providing actuarial validation of existing models, researching topics and writing reports, helping consolidate existing models and developing RoboHelp systems. My value proposition lies in offering a low-risk, high-reward approach to contributing towards managing change in different organizational areas by helping to develop standardized models and decisionmaking practices.

Christopher Bek