The Nobel Prize Information

I have solved the greatest scientific problem of all time with my Theory of One (2001) which unites Relativity Theory (1905) with Quantum Theory (1925).  Relativity Theory is based on lightspeed.  Quantum Theory is based on Planck’s constant.  The Theory of One unites Relativity Theory and Quantum Theory by recognizing the fact that lightspeed and Planck’s constant are the same boundary of the universe.  The Theory of One also proves that there is only one photon (a particle of light) in the universe and that photon is God.

I would like to have my Theory of One to be considered for the Nobel Prize.  I first published my theory thirteen years ago with my essay entitled The Great Cosmic Accounting Blunder which is based on one argument.  My latest essay is entitled The Theory of One Revisited which is based on seven arguments.  Please also see my Theory of One collection of fifteen essays on my website.  I would ask for a few minutes of your time to consider nominating me for the Nobel Prize.

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