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Motorise Your Garage Door

Still opening your garage door manually? Good thing Speedy can motorise your existing garage door! We understand how an automatic garage door is practical and convenient, especially in Winter or when it is raining or simply when you are depleted of energy. Go from an inconveniently heavy door to a fast and easy automatic garage door, all in one day, without worrying about protecting your valuable car in the interim.

Automating your garage door provides you with added security and allows you to open the door, enter your home and close the door without leaving your car. With Speedy’s competitive prices, you can finally escape inclement weather quickly at the press of a button. We have a large range of garage door motors available, as well as the ability to service all types of pre-existing garage door motors that you may already have installed.

Speedy Garage Services provides support to all your garage door queries 24/7. We provide solutions to garage issues irrespective of the size of the matter. No longer do you have to leave your children or valuable unattended in the car, or go through unnecessary physical exertion just to open your garage door. A motorised garage door can bring that extra ease to your everyday life. Looking for a gift for mum and dad, grandparents or the person who has everything? Just ask if they’d like their garage door motorised, and watch their face light up. Gift problem solved!

Why should I motorise my garage door?
  • Car stays parked outside because it is easier
  • Exposure to rain or hail
  • Arthritis or injury prevents opening door
  • Leaving children in car alone
  • Heavy to lift for children, elderly, injured
  • Broken locks or lost keys
  • Solutions
  • Motorise a roller door
  • Motorise a sectional/panel door
  • Motorise a tilt door

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