Here at TGL Construction LLC we offer expert solutions to address Water Intrusion problems.

Vancouver/Portland & Surrounding areas

Uncontrolled water intrusion into a building can originate from numerous sources. The most common sources include:

  • Roof leaks and condensation forming above the ceilings
  • Pipe breaks( potable water , chilled water)
  • Sewer line back-ups
  • Flooding from outside the building
  • Moisture intrusion through the building envelope
  • Water leaks at door, windows and siding

Regardless of the source, water intrusion issues must be addressed in an expeditious manner in order to prevent the development of potentially serious indoor environmental quality (IEQ) problems.

Understanding potential problems, which can affect buildings and structures related to water intrusion, can help reduce your risk of damage, litigation, and mold. TGL Construction LLC is able to quickly identify infected areas and provide remediation solutions that are most appropriate and cost effective.

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