All of the general practitioners are committed to comprehensive and continuous family care. We are a affiliated teaching practice taking medical registrars.

At Thornlands Surgery :: Your Health – Your Choice

We are an affiliated teaching practice taking GP registrars.

We offer a family friendly AGPAL Accredited Medical Practice with bulk billing service and believe in service with a smile. Located in Thornlands, our centre welcomes new patients and our long-standing regulars. We are passionate about delivering excellent affordable health care and an extraordinary patient experience.

Our facility is well supported by our nursing staff and treatment room facilities. We offer comprehensive family and individual services including work cover medicals, pre-employment assessments, travel vaccinations, childhood immunisations, skin cancer checks, sexual health checks, pap smears, peripheral vascular assessment, Holter monitoring, Women health (Implanon, Mirena). We believe in a multi-disciplinary team approach and have a psychologist, dietitian and exercise physiologist service onsite. Bookings available and walk-ins welcome.

Beyond our responsibility for providing clinical and curative services, we believe our role extends to empowering you to exercise more control over your health. We consider it is our duty to provide you with information that will help you make an informed choice about your healthcare.

Our Doctors

Our doctors philosophy is that General Practice is the cornerstone of health care and believes in a holistic approach to your health, focussing not only on management of conditions but prevention.

Dr. Fatemeh Asadi

Principal Doctor | (MD,FRACGP)
Dr. Asadi has wide experience of more than 17 years in the field of medicine. She is interested in skin cancer ,chronic disease management, women health and cosmetic.

Dr Ahmed Al-Ali


Dr Barry Turner


Dr Wasif Baig


Dr Mohsen Mohseni


Mr Michael Lawler

Dietitian and Exercise Physiologist

Dr Alireza Najafabadi

Our Staff

We have professional and friendly staff, who are happy to help you with any of your needs or concerns.

Taylah Burley

Junior receptionist

Nicky Karklis-Jones


Maureen Knight

Senior Receptionist

Tara Flaherty


Allirra Wilson


Margaret Jane Brerton

Practice Manager