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"Ken helped us into a home and pay off debt we didn't think was possible.
He helped us planned for the future more sensibly".
William & Bobbie J Smith
Las Vegas
"Ken showed me which order to distribute retirement income
and saved me 10's of thousands. 
But more than that,
he always had my best interest at heart - he really cared".
Rochelle P.
Business Owner
"Wonderful coaching! If only I had followed ALL of it earlier."
Suzanne G.
Las Vegas Performer
"Ken gave my first money lessons that have served me well over 20 years!"
"Ken is the only one I've really trusted with my finances".
Jeff S.
"Ken protected me from losing my 401k".
John Roberts

Experience: Accountability, Support, Motivation and Knowledge from Our Financial Coaches

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Discover how to budget and get out of debt. Stop financial surprises by getting organized with your FREE UGRU Budget Tool. Stop fretting over the control debt has over you. Stop the agony of paying your bills. Stop feeling insecure. Stop feeling powerless. Stop fearing your financial future.



Breakthroughs is a hands on experience delivered in eight online courses you can watch at your own pace, anywhere. Calculate your way through your most important financial decisions and, reduce stress in your life with 73 Financial and Life Coaching lessons right away!


Thrive Coaching

Create new bahaviors and habits, get the answers and resources you need now to meet your financial goals. Thrive Coaching helps you become more intentional with your finances while having an accountability partner by your side.


Financial Master Class

Your situation is more complex: You have a house, rental property, investments and are in retirement or 10-15 years out from retirement and, you want to know you are making the most optimal decisions possible.


Meet Your UGRU Financial Coaching Team.

UGRU’s vision began when Ken Gulliver looked at what’s missing in the current financial industry and the need for individuals to create real and positive financial changes in their lives.

We have a heart and a passion to help people achieve financial independence by helping our communities with personal finance courses and by providing financial coach training to individuals that want to make an impact in people’s lives.

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  • Stop the agony of paying bills.
  • Stop feeling powerless with reports that clear up the confusion.

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