My Essence – the basic, real and invariable nature of me.

When I was a young girl I lived and visited Greece often- lucky me! My mother’s parents were mountain farmers from a small village called Archia Feneos in the Peloponnese region near Corinth, Greece. My father’s parent’s lived in Athens. When living in Greece I remember either being in the mountains-where I experienced “old world” culture or in Athens where we were always by the sea. Being near the sea, is very important to Greek people it’s how they live and part of who they are. These experiences shaped my spirituality and love for nature, animals, water, good food, and the respect for all living things.

My grandparents lived off their land and cooked with the freshest ingredients, vegetables, oils, meat and fish. Both of my grandmothers made their own health and beauty remedies from local flowers, indigenous plants and organic beeswax or propolis.  My mother continued to follow these practices and shared them with me.

I’m Theodora Ntovas, founder of YASOU natural skin care, a native Chicagoan and a first generation Greek.  Welcome and thank you for visiting my website.

“YASOU” (pronounced ya-soo) is a common Greek greeting  that is used to say “Hello” or
“Good-Bye” but it’s original meaning is  “A toast to your health.”

YASOU was inspired from my heart and passion — it  reconnected me with the heritage I distanced myself from in my teen years. In mid-life I found myself yearning for it.

Before YASOU, I was an art director and had been in the visual communications business for a decade. Despite success in my career, I felt empty. I had a knack for noticing niche market opportunities and noticed that there were very few luxe wellness beauty products in the department stores. The high-end products had an application experience that was lovely but didn’t have many good ingredients.  The organic products I knew of had great ingredients but the application experience felt gritty. I thought what a shame that you couldn’t get both!

I felt a calling to return to the Greek village I remembered so fondly. I wanted to find where my grandparents were buried so I took a trip to Greece (I still have family there and a very dear friend I met in grad school when I lived in Brooklyn, N.Y.).  I was shopping at the local farmer’s market in Archia Feneos where I came across a beeswax product that contained 10 essential oils from plants and flowers from the region.  I thought wouldn’t it be great to import it repackage it, brand it and sell it under Fair Trade. Well I tried to do it but it just didn’t work out.  Every time I received a shipment the product was different. With so many inconsistencies I decided this wasn’t a good idea.

I was heart broken and my husband Ray turned to me and said.  “Why don’t you put all your ideas together and create your own line here in the U.S.?   I’ll be your first investor.”

Thus YASOU was born!  YASOU’s mission is to combine the beauty traditions, natural and organic ingredients from the rich culture of Greece with American technology,  merging “old world” with “new world” to create a new Greek skin care experience for all!

YASOU has given me the joy of reconnecting with my heritage. We are a luxe wellness, Greek-inspired, water-base skin care line.  We source our ingredients from the best growers, producers, and suppliers in the U.S.- working as local as possible.

Using natural skin care is a part of living a holistic lifestyle. YASOU skin care offers you multiple health and beauty benefits, creating a new level of luxury in skin care.  I take great care in researching new ingredients and technologies to bring you the best.

YASOU skin care is the manifestation of my heart and passion for good health, good ingredients and a happy life for all.

Our commitment to you and our environment.

Thank you

Special thanks and much love to my husband Raymond Roth and all the good people that are involved or have been involved with the development and growth of YASOU natural skin care!

You all know who you are-xoxoxoxo

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