Helen Ryan is passionate about helping people find out what is making them sick. As a naturopath and owner of The Ryan Clinic, Helen wants to help her clients understand what methods will best support the body so the body can do what it is supposed to do. “There are things going on inside us that you can’t see,” she says. “Everything from the environment to what we put into our bodies affects our health and wellbeing.”

From babies yet to be born to the very elderly, collegiate and professional athletes to everyone in between, Helen assists people who want to enhance their performance or who need help in dealing with significant illnesses. “I look at the entire picture because no two people are alike,” she says. “Every person I work with is a new puzzle.”

A critical part of the healing process is to follow Helen’s recommendations exactly. “It’s critical to follow my protocol and not everyone wants to do that,” she says. “You have to be able to work with me for me to work with you, otherwise your ability to heal is hampered.”

For the last decade, Helen has been involved with health and wellness, first as a personal trainer and then into naturopathy, the missing piece of the puzzle for her. But the search for healing literally began at home after Helen encountered a health crisis of her own when she was diagnosed with ovarian cancer. “Cancer is just a symptom of things not going right for a while,” she explains. “My mother passed away from cancer and I felt like the treatments kept her body from withstanding the fight that was needed. I knew I wasn’t going to go the traditional route with my treatment.”

Although she did have surgery to remove the large tumor that was pressing on her ribs, Helen did not follow up with any additional treatment. “I was living a more natural lifestyle and was very active and involved in athletics and nutrition,” she explains. “I reconnected with a good friend who was a naturopath to address my individual needs, which included some environmental and immune challenges at the time.”

That experience cemented the notion that Helen was meant to help people heal their bodies by ridding their diets and environments of toxic elements. “Through a lot of soul searching, assessments and working with my mentor, I knew that I needed to come alongside people who were serious about making changes in their internal environment so their body could be supported to heal,” Helen says.

The thing that makes this work special to Helen is the healing she has brought to her clients. “People have been to doctor after doctor and their situation just isn’t being addressed and their quality of life is so gravely impacted, they only want their lives back,” she says. “They know the pain is not in their heads as they see their bodies beginning to heal. It brings me so much joy to see someone’s life positively impacted.”

A native of Pennsylvania, Helen has lived, studied and worked around the world. Originally an audio engineer off-Broadway, Helen now is on the audio team at Church of the Highlands, where she regularly serves and worships. “Everything in the world has a vibration, so my worlds of audio engineering and naturopathy do connect well,” she explains. “There are things going on inside us and I work with that concept to understand the best support for the body.”

Helen has one son, two daughters and one grandson. She is a member of the Swiss Club of Alabama, speaks French fluently, is a personal trainer at the University of Alabama at Birmingham and will soon finish her Ph.D. in nutrition from Trinity School of Natural Health. Helen has lived in Birmingham since 2016.